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Full Version: Idea: Fleet Bank Recruits' tab for leveling players
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I would like to make a suggestion for a new Fleet Bank area, whose purpose would be to act as a distribution hub for quality, low-level materials for players and toons that are 'leveling up'. As a working title, I call this the "Recruits tab" below.

Here's how it would work:

Established players (such as myself) who gather large amounts of resources that would be useful for newer players, but are either at capacity for ourselves, or of lower value, would be able to place this into the Recruits tab.

Such materials would be for example, purple Boff Candidates,Tier-3 Boff training PADDs, provisions stacks that are of minimal value but valuable to newer players such as batteries, and anything else which may be of value to a newer player but limited value to established players. It might also include a small EC pot with a low withdrawal amount (say 20k) but I really don't know if that would be able to be set on a single tab.

The bank tab would be available to new(ish) players who otherwise have limited access to important long-term 'game investment' such as boffs and skills.

Such an idea would be available to fleet members earlier than other tabs, but would also have less valuable commodities to take out. Its key benefit is that it would enable newer players to gain access to otherwise-expansive (for them) long-term resources, that is likewise resources that is of limited or no value to established players (such as Lt Cmdr-level T3 PADDs that collect dust or sell on exchange for a few thousand EC each). The Recruits' tab would therefore act more like a swap-market repository from player-to-player rather than a holding cell for valuable resources, and would be a fleet value-add for new players.

What do others think of this idea?
I like the idea. It would not only be a resource for our current members, but might help us draw in new fleeties as well.
Might need to think how we can keep folks, esp the new ones, from 'raiding the pantry', however.

Limited withdrawl options may work.
I love the idea, but we already do this, its the tab for I to IX equipment. Anything can be put here and any member can withdraw from it, This means Lt. and above. We currently do not allow Ensigns/Recruits to withdraw because this opens the door quite wide for raiders.

That said, the fleets 25k requirement is not hard to reach for a member to the fleet, and honestly, I know any officer, even regular members have and will give members items from the bank, or the exchange, or from their own random stash to help a new player out.

I am game for the idea, and actually find it HARD to obtain low level gear once fully leveled, but we are certainly open to suggestions
Just my 2 cents... High level R&D gives violett Mk II items from white materials, just requiring some minutes. Feeling generous, investing ~1K Dilithium and Materials per item, pre-feed with it an upgrade - but do not upgrade, so that the recruit can grow it on his own for free while leveling.
Still feeling generous: Once the initial upgrade is used up, make upgrades for these items, the recruit invests Dilithium and time of his own. A no-pain-no-gain would be offering to exchange 2 upgrades for material asking for at least 1 violett (R&D support mission at the academy).
As D'Artagnan got his farther's sword & armor*, I would give a starter set of Energy Dampening Armor, Pla or AP Automatic Rifle (Ground Equip Upgrades) and a Personal Shield (Shield Upgrades). These give a good help in ground missions and can be reused by BOffs, once a char gets Mission/Reputation sets.

(* he also got a horse, fortunately ships come from the game)
Nice point Mit'Naqt!

I suppose we could sport a few items in the bank for this purpose, I know I'm willing to, its not that pricey at all. I do however think we cannot open the bank to recruits, as much as I would like to, because it would open us up to raiders. We have an open door policy for fleet invites, so its easy to get burned. Does anyone feel the 25k is NOT adequate/fair?

Another thought is that we could make a standard list of items that are good beginner gear and post that here on the forum in a specific thread for new fleet members. We could then essentially let people make a request for some starter gear here on the forum (one more reason to be a website user early on in membership) and it would let us avoid trying to "force" a system in place where the current bank design doesn't quite lend itself to an alternative solution. People could fulfill the request (even by in game email) and close the request here. It might be a good way for others to gain some props/thanks for their assistance.

The 25k is fair IMO. These are just 3 days of Dil CDs. Beginner players can feel overwhelmed. But a free space suit from Tholian ground missions (or a cheap one they can get at Ishl) and an introduction to ESD history exams, vlugta & fleet mines should show them a simple way collecting - have a coffee break doing mini games besides running missions.


I think the best way is to play or help em get the gear they want or at least demonstrating the way to get gear, its not easy to get real gear in the game especially with the dilithium restrictions also making several avatars for getting more dilithium can be too much time playing, and some people especially me dont have the time to do it, also i might not log for a while as the conection i am using is having a lot of issues
So we go from discussing an idea on how to gear up our junior members to realizing that the real draw from the game is the challenge and ride while gearing. I love it.
In all honesty, I think its a great idea that we put items in the bank that others can use, and honestly, I am game for sharing those items with junior members. I think we have a great group of people and I trust that we will honor that tradition. i got some items from Edara and I will put these in the bank. I remain open to any ideas on how to modify bank design always Smile