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Full Version: Starfleet Strike Group Fleet Rules - Discussion Thread
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Ver' and I have been discussing the possibility of establishing some Fleet rules, which we feel will benefit our members individually, and as a group.

While we've got some key themes in mind, we're keen to have input from everyone in the Fleet - after all, every member will be bound by these rules, so it's only fair that we get as many people involved in creating them as possible!

Below, you'll see a list of general themes in Bold text, with specific sub-headings underneath. This will be an organic list, and will develop alongside members' input.

  • Ensigns and Lieutenants who have not logged in for 60 days will be kicked for inactivity.
  • Commanders and above who have not logged in for 90 days will be kicked for inactivity.
  • If you are kicked for inactivity, but return to playing Star Trek Online, message an Admiral, and you will be reinstated to the fleet.

  • New members are expected to reach the rank of Lieutenant within 60 days of joining the fleet.
  • Fleet chat is encouraged at all times and is essential to the fleets success as well as your own and the enjoyment of the game.
  • Lieutenant rank is earned upon reaching an Overall Holding Contribution of 25,000.
  • Commander rank is earned upon reaching an Overall Holding Contribution of 100,000 & confirmed website registration.
    [Fleet Stores are accessible at this level].
  • Captain rank *(Special Recognition) is awarded to members who have shown dedication to the fleet and have earned 500,000 Fleet Credit.
  • Promotions are generally granted within 24 hours.
  • If, beyond 48 hours please contact an Admiral or Fleet Admiral for review.
  • Standard Captain and above ranks are outlined in the leadership section which follows.

Leadership Roles
  • Captain rank represents fleet members who have shown dedication to the fleet and its growth.
    - Leads Fleet PvE's, PvP's, STF's.
    - Special Event coordination.
    - Helping new members with game play mechanics & storyline missions.
    - Active in chat, answering questions when possible.
    - (Special Recognition*) Has donated 500,000 Fleet Credit.
  • Fleet Captain rank represents the first rank of Fleet officers and shares in the following:
    - Includes activities of Captains
    - Access to Officer chat and votes on fleet decisions.
    - Active in Chat and Website, provides game play strategies and recommendations/how to's.
    - Coordinates with Captains and drives event goals.
  • Admiral rank is the highest obtainable member rank and shares in the following:
    - Shares activities of Captains & Fleet Captains.
    - Promotes/Demotes members based on the guidelines set forth here-in.
    - Queues Fleet Projects & monitors provisions.
    - Fleet wide mail and periodic news & notes.
    - Manages Fleet Bank & permissions.
    - Moderates resolution to issues & rules enforcement.
    - Mentors all fleet members and provides introductory content.
  • Fleet Admiral rank: The owner(s) of the fleet.
Leadership Fundamentals
  • Active Fleet chat is required for all leadership positions as chat is the cornerstone to a successful fleet.
  • All Fleet Leadership will share in promoting PvE activity, and aid & assist new members.
  • Fleet Leadership key candidate traits include: Passion/Driven, Engaging, Collaborative, Supportive, Communication, Organization, Honesty, Humility/Humor/Compassion, & a love for Star Trek!
  • All Fleet leadership candidates must have earned fleet rank of Commander on a main account.
  • Any member may nominate any other member for consideration.
  • All fleet members are encouraged to invite new members.

Acceptable Conduct
  • Starfleet Strike Group is a family friendly fleet, with players from all walks of life. Members are expected to be respectful towards one another.
  • Courtesy is a must and is expected at all times. Always be thoughtful that we are a team and are here to help one another.

Dismissal & Reinstatement
  • Any member kicked through inactivity is entitled to reinstatement at the same rank should they return to playing Star Trek Online.
  • Any player dismissed through unacceptable conduct is entitled to appeal the decision – This should be done by messaging any member of the Admiralty, namely:
    • @novascotius
    • @noybman
    • @mathies14


Hi, I agree with all the rules. I've just voted for "Read but have additions/modifications
", because I'd like to get some information about secondary charatacters. Is more than one character allowed, does the promotions and benefits work the same way for them?
I've been browsing the forum a bit but haven't found this info. I hope I didn't overlook it.
Yes, absolutely, you can bring in other characters. Promotion and Benefits do work the same way for each individual character in rank contribution requirements and such.


Thanks, Cybrox Smile