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Full Version: SSG - We love you too lottery!
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Just in case you don't have a KSG toon, we're hosting a lottery to support our SSG projects.

For every 60 (yes, sixty!) doffs you contribute to the SSG projects, you will get 1 ticket in the lottery. No big ships, but tons and tons of smaller (but still great!) prizes. The winning lottery tickets will be drawn at a fleet party we will hold once all 100 tickets are sold.

Contest is open to all SSG and ARMADA members.

Entrants are limited to buying 10 tickets a day.
1 ticket = 60 doffs
100 tickets available.
First come, first served.
Fleet Party will be held for drawing - Open to ALL.
Entry Fee must be witnessed and recorded by a Fleet Captain or higher for credit.


Select from any available slot:
# [Name] # [Name] # [Name] # [Name]
001@edarta 002@edarta 003@edarta 004@edarta
005@brawndo_mom 006@cranstonlamont 007@cranstonlamont 008@cranstonlamont
009@brawndo_mom 010 011@cranstonlamont 012@brawndo_mom
013@dcaton 014@cranstonlamont 015@cranstonlamont 016@cranstonlamont
017@cranstonlamont 018@cranstonlamont 019@cranstonlamont 020@cranstonlamont
021@cranstonlamont 022@edarta 023@edarta 024
025@brawndo_mom 026@cranstonlamont 027@cranstonlamont 028@brawndo_mom
029 030@cranstonlamont 031@cranstonlamont 032
033@edarta 034@cranstonlamont 035@cranstonlamont 036
037 038@cranstonlamont 039@cranstonlamont 040@brawndo_mom
041@cranstonlamont 042@edarta 043 044@brawndo_mom
045 046@cranstonlamont 047@edarta 048@cranstonlamont
049@cranstonlamont 050@cranstonlamont 051 052
053@cranstonlamont 054 055 056
057@cranstonlamont 058 059 060
061@cranstonlamont 062@cranstonlamont 063@cranstonlamont 064@cranstonlamont
065@cranstonlamont 066@cranstonlamont 067@cranstonlamont 068@cranstonlamont
069@cranstonlamont 070@edarta 071@ivofiv 072@cranstonlamont
073 074 075 076@brawndo_mom
077@edarta 078@edarta 079@edarta 080@edarta
081@brawndo_mom 082@cranstonlamont 083@cranstonlamont 084
085 086@cranstonlamont 087@cranstonlamont 088
089 090 091@cranstonlamont 092
093@cranstonlamont 094@cranstonlamont 095@cranstonlamont 096@cranstonlamont
097@cranstonlamont 098@edarta 099@cranstonlamont 100@brawndo_mom

When all tickets are sold, a drawing / Fleet Party will be scheduled as soon as possible! within 5-7 days.