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Full Version: latest fleet email sent for lotto contest #2
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We had a very fun contest give away on Fathers Day this past Sunday. Congratulations to our winner, whitelee1990 who won with 4 tickets in the lotto! So for a 20k dilithium donation to the fleet growth, he walked away with the very FSM's he'll need to buy a fleet ship! Congrats!

Our very own Kilama donated the FSM's for this last lotto, so even more thanks to him for making this go around possible. Its just another example of the fine commitment our officers have to the fleet and fleet growth.

On that subject, there have been some grumblings about projects and that the only thing contributable is mostly Dilithium. We understand, and that is yet another reason why we do these contests, to give you as much value, and fun as possible. The fleet has come a long long way from a year ago, and we are ALMOST THERE! we are very close to Tier 3 Spire, and not far off on the Starbase itself. Thank you all for making this possible!

With that, we started a new lotto run, and ironically, we sold out today! It was open for less than 10 days this time, so if you are interested, be sure to save some dilithium and get a fleet officer to direct/witness your entry - and of course choose your lucky number(s)!

I almost forgot - We gave away dozens of prizes to EVERYONE that showed up at the fleet event and all had a lot of fun. Please do try to make the next one, you never know what you will win just for showing up!

The next lotto drawing event is scheduled for this Saturday 6/21/2014 @ 5PM EST. We hope to see you there!

Be well,
Starfleet Strike Group