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Full Version: Once More With Feeling! - The Return of the KSG Lottery!
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We're getting closer to the KSG Starbase reaching Tier 5 – but we've still got a way to go. So... We're holding another lottery! Yes! For every 60 doffs you contribute to the KSG Starbase projects (and only to these projects!!!!!) you will receive a ticket for the lottery!

I know, I know – not everyone has enough FC to pony up 60 doffs at one time – but that's not a problem. Just drop Mom and in game email every time you contribute ANY doffs to the KSG starbase projects, and she'll keep a running tally in THE BOOK. Once you hit 60, she'll email you, asking what number you are choosing for your lottery ticket. (You can check the fleet website to see what numbers are available.)

Because there is a 20 hour cool down on projects, we'll try to make sure that at least one is open during different time zones – but if you run into a problem, again, let Mom know and she'll figure out a solution!

Prizes abound – including a lobi ship once again ( and other cool prizes too!) Every ticket holder will win something!

1 ticket = 60 doffs
100 tickets available.
First come, first served for number selection
Fleet Party will be held for drawing - Open to ALL.
Please ask a fleet officer to witness your contribution! (If no officer is on line, send Mom money and she'll quit her job and do this 24/7... I mean, send her an email.)

Select from any available slot:
# [Name] # [Name] # [Name] # [Name]
001@Sovereign 002@Edarta 003@Sovereign 004@Edarta
005@Brawndo_mom 006@Brawndo_mom 007@Sovereign 008@Brawndo_mom
009@Sovereign 010@Sovereign 011@Sovereign 012@Sovereign
013@Brawndo_mom 014@Sovereign 015@Sovereign 016@Sovereign
017@Sovereign 018@Sovereign 019@Edarta 020@Sovereign
021@Sovereign 022@Darkthorne 023@edarta 024@Brawndo_mom
025@Sovereign 026@Brawndo_mom 027@beardypicardo 028@beardypicardo
029@Sovereign 030@Sovereign 031@Sovereign 032@pailorzan
033@beardypicardo 034@Sovereign 035@Sovereign 036@pailorzan
037@Sovereign 038@beardypicardo 039@Brawndo_mom 040@Sovereign
041@Sovereign 042@Sovereign 043@pailorzan 044@robby 27
045@Edarta 046@Sovereign 047@Sovereign 048@Sovereign
049@Sovereign 050@Darkthorne 051@robby27 052@beardypicardo
053@Sovereign 054@edarta 055@Edarta 056@robby27
057@Sovereign 058@Sovereign 059@Sovereign 060@Sovereign
061@Sovereign 062@pailorzan 063@edarta 064@Sovereign
065@Sovereign 066@Sovereign 067@Sovereign 068@Sovereign
069@Sovereign 070@Sovereign 071@Sovereign 072@Darkthorne
073@robby27 074@pailorzan 075@Sovereign 076@Sovereign
077@Sovereign 078@Sovereign 079@Sovereign 080@Sovereign
081@Sovereign 082@Huwairy 083@budcal 084@Brawndo_mom
085@Sovereign 086@Brawndo_mom 087@Brawndo_mom 088@Brawndo_mom
089@Edarta 090@Sovereign 091@Brawndo_mom 092@Brawndo_mom
093@Brawndo_mom 094@Brawndo_mom 095@Sovereign 096@Brawndo_mom
097@Brawndo_mom 098@Brawndo_mom 099@Sovereign 100@Edarta

Fleet party to celebrate when we reach Tier 5!
KSG Starbase update!

First: Thanks to everyone who has been donating to the KSG starbase! We have filled 43% of the available slots for the lottery (plenty of slots are still open!).
I know that dumping 60 doffs at one time is often beyond everyone's availabilities – but every donation helps. If you donate even ONE doff to the starbase, drop me a note, and I'll keep a tally – when you reach 60, you'll get a ticket.

But even if you don't reach 60, you will get a prize – and it will be a nice one!!!!

Second: at the rate we are going, we are 68 days away from finishing all projects. At that point we will slot the project for the upgrade to Tier 5, and then we will have our celebration!

Third: w are also keeping the other projects running in KSG so you can continue to earn FC through other projects. If, however, you are sitting on a ton of marks, drop me an in game email as there are short term projects that we can slot every 30 minutes to help you earn FC and get rid of excess marks.

SSG / SGA update tomorrow (April 20)!

(04-19-2017, 06:06 PM)brawndo_mom Wrote: [ -> ]Second: at the rate we are going, we are 68 days away from finishing all projects. At that point we will slot the project for the upgrade to Tier 5, and then we will have our celebration!

Christmas party?

Nevermind....I didn't check the date first, and thought this was in reference to the new fleet holding.

With the KSG party over, we will start planning the next event. Any suggestions?