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Full Version: How to find missions
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The Foundry has search function that qualifies the developers to be sentenced to Rura Penthe.

Localized Clients apparently search localized to your language.
Missions in other language: Do not just search for missions in "any" language. Try searching for missions in "english" - that way I finally found Aly's "The missing Convoy" Triology listed. Smile

Author's name and mission titles fail damn often. So far I found searching for the mission's Identity Code more reliable. So I found Noybman's missions. I wish I could memorize such number-letter mixtures Smile
I have had really bad luck with the Foundry search. STO does not support it. I have read of tickets and complaints for years. I would like to know if someone has found the secret ingredient on how to FIND missions.

What I will say, is that if you have the MISSION ID #, you will succeed in a search 100% of the time, regardless of language, spelling, etc,