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Full Version: "A Private Little War" redux
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I've never used the Foundry before, and I think it would be really cool to implement this project. I'm looking for support, especially (but not exclusively) from people who've published original content in the Foundry already.

Summary: Starfleet is engaged in a border skirmish (mostly ground campaign) that could turn very ugly very quickly. However, with the colonization of New Romulus, and its obligations to the Alliance, Starfleet is stretched too thin to dedicate more than a token effort to contain the situation. The admiralty determined that the best approach would be to send Starfleet Special Operations Forces, who can rely heavily on indigenous resources instead of the fleet, and who have the autonomy to do whatever is necessary to maintain the Federation's security. The player's job is to support the forces already deployed on the ground, and to keep the violence from spreading off-world.

The player will need to use all of his/skills including guile and diplomacy as well as violence to successfully complete this mission.

Important Notes: This idea was inspired by the TOS episode "A Private Little War". I recommend that anyone looking to help with this project read and understand the five tasks of the US Army Special Forces Regiment:
Candidates for the campaign's "Big Bad"/"Man Behind the Curtain":
  • Tal Shiar
  • True Way
  • Tzenkethi
  • someone else
  • no one; it's a local matter
Important Note: Most of the NPCs in the campaign will be "indigenous aliens". If this campaign will take place on a Romulan colony, then most of the NPCs should be Romulan civilians or militia. If this mission takes place on Elbonia, then most of the NPCs will be Elbonian civilians and militia, even if the Big Bad is the True Way.

The only suggestion I will reject outright is a Starfleet coup or other internal conspiracy. I also don't want any shape-shifters involved. With that said, this campaign could be an underhanded attempt to keep a world from seceding from the Federation, or to prevent another Tukana IV. Gray morality is okay.
Things I would like to see:

  • Diplomatic interactions with the NPCs ("We'll be friendly to you if you fix our.../find and give us...").
  • A reprisal raid against an enemy guerilla camp, after a terrorist attack/mass casualty event.
  • A shuttle/atmospheric Combat Search and Rescue/hostage recovery mission. (Or, a shuttle mission and a ground mission with these objectives)
  • (space) Attack and board non-aligned cargo ships attempting to resupply the enemy faction. Probably Ferengi, Orion or Nausican crew. Alternatively, if the crew of the transports are openly aligned with whichever enemy faction, then the player will give them an ultimatum... and possibly an "offer they can't refuse."
  • A PR campaign, similar to the "Boost Morale" objective on Nimbus III.
  • Player leads friendly NPCs in battle.
  • Player stops a "green on blue" attack by a hostile NPC who infiltrates the player's main base, and then treats the wounded by following triage instructions.
Background activities within friendly territory should look like the Staging Area of New Romulus. For example, NPCs doing push-ups and practicing marksmanship with non-official/non-AP weapons (Tetryon can get some love here).

If an urban or semi-urban environment can be created for part of the map(s), that would be really awesome.
I willing to build content, but there are some complications unless STO has made some changes.
1. Only person can own and edit a missions content
2. It is your idea, so you should be that person so you get credit.

I'll read the episode and lend a hand. You should get the 10k dilithium, create a character, and open your foundry and get familiar with it.

I will say it is somewhat limited in creating diversionary realities based on interactions or actions. Whatever branching you needs to lead back to a common set of outcomes. They also limit the size of a mission it will most likely need to be broken up in a number of parts.

I'll hop on tonight
AlysVanya posted a number of useful links in a different thread. Much reading awaits me.

At this time, I have one question: Do you need to have a subscription to STO before you can publish Foundry missions?
My last response was missing a few words and made me sound illiterate. I blame my android & swype.

Anyhow, you do not need LTS, you only need 10k dilithium, a new character created in a character slot, 6gb? Disk space for the additional content download. I think you need java.

When you log in, there will be a foundry option on the character select/create screen
Technically the STO TOS prevents us from recreating scenes from the movies or tv shows. We also aren't allowed to remake characters from the shows either. We can't make our own Captain Picard, or 7 of 9. We can use them as inspiration to write our own stuff, or use references. But, we aren't suppose to do remakes lol. I learned this from starbaseUGC.
AlysVanya, that's good to know! Would it be okay to replace the flint-lock muskets with TR-116 rifles, so that the natives are still using projectile weapons? Big Grin