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With the summer event being right around the corner - the corner being Thursday, June 4 - there has been a  request by some new players for info on the summer event - so here it is!

First of all, the event is being held on Risa, the land of jamaharon and horgahns. Risa is located in the Risa Sector of Beta Quadrant. Once you've arrived at Risa, you'll need to move close to the planet in order to trigger the invitation to 'come on down'!

You'll have two options: Classic Beach, for those of you who want to do nothing except sit on the beach, or the Summer Resort. The Summer Resort is where all the cool kids hang out, so join us there!

When you beam down, you'll land on the transporter pad - which you can see right behind Admiral Kethca.

[Image: yDrljuE.jpg]

Because you are a member of the fleet, all of your housing needs have been taken care of - so there's no need to wade through the long lines at the hotel check in - you can get right to what's really important: getting out of that darned uniform.

Behind Kethca and to YOUR left you can see a second platform - and that's where we're going next. It's time for some vacation clothes!

Here's the lovely Admiral Kethma at the tailor, wearing her swimmies from last year's event. (This image is in the early evening - yes, the sun rises and sets on Risa!)

[Image: Sqhg3EX.jpg]

Vacation wear costs money in the form of lohlunat favors. Favors can be earned by playing the games on Risa, or you can purchase them on the exchange. If you're not determined to have your toys on day one, you can earn them easily enough and have your toys in a few days. In addition to swimsuits for ladies and gents, there is beachwear available, along with accessories like flowers and sunglasses.

Don't forget: if your captain gained few pounds sitting in the center seat over the last few months, then the tailor can edit him/her back into shape with just a few touched to the slider bar. Would that it was this easy for us!

Vacation clothes can ONLY be worn on Risa, sad to say - but they are not required. You can wear your uniforms.

BTW: there is an accolade for walking on the boardwalk - so make sure you take the hike!

Night has fallen, but this hasn't stopped Admiral Kethza, noted tribble breeder, from heading off to get a floater.  If you continue walking out toward the ocean on the boardwalk, you'll come to the floater vendor's hut. The store is open 24/7, or the Risa version thereof.

[Image: VAiqhtW.jpg]

And you will want a floater if you don't have one. You need a floater to participate in the daily (every 20 hours) challenge. Completing the challenge - taking three consecutive floater trips AND RETURNING to the start (this is important) is a given time period gets you the Lohlunat Prize Vouchers needed to get the Ferengi prize ship.

You also need a floater if you are going to seriously play the Horgahn hunt as well as earning all the accolades.

You also need one because they are fun. They are so fun that we need missions that require floaters. I mean, we have zip lines, rappeling, etc - why not floaters?

Floaters can be rented (1,000 EC) with a limited lifespan, or purchased with favors. Different qualities of floaters (i.e., flight rates)  are available, along with different colors, priced from 50 to 1000 favors.

Don't forget to come out here to enjoy the fireworks! Fireworks don't happen every night, or at the same time, so keep an eye on zone chat, so you know when and where - and then hurry! If you do get out to see them, there's an accolade! (Then again, watching the fireworks from your floater or your board is pretty cool too!)

For many players, the summer event is all about the ship! For others, it's all about the relaxation. For those of you who are intent on getting that new ship ( and I will say that last year's ships were AWESOME!), your next stop on the tour is the location of the daily challenge.

Directly adjacent to the floater shack (Well the floater shack is a little old place, where we can get together! Floater shack bay-bee!) is a little 'launch ramp'. This is where the daily challenge begins and ends. During the summer event, there are signs indicating this: you'll need to talk to the NPC to acquire the mission, and check back in when you land to ensure that you get the credit for the mission.

[Image: LqgKsWq.jpg]

Captain Kethra - being a Reman - is here, sitting on he ramp in the wee hours of the morning, before the intense sun of Risa can hurt her light-sensitive eyes. She's also modeling a non-vacation outfit, based on an existing uniform: comfortable yet practical for the financially conservative.

In recognition of the various needs of their guests, the Risians run the floater challenges around the clock - but even if you choose to participate at 2 in the morning after partying on the beach and imbibing more than you should, know that the actual floater challenge has been ( in past years) pretty darned easy, and the time is more than ample to get all three floater routes finished.

Please note the transporter beams, indicating another guest is checking in early! But don't worry - your room is reserved for you!

"Okay, Mom, I done my 'work'; I've done the floater challenge, I've got my prize vouchers. Now what?"

Now it's time to relax.

Here we see Admiral Keth'la - dressed in a modified uniform! - looking over the selection of Horgahns in the main hotel entryway, just across the beach from the transporter pad (or accessible via the boardwalk.) While she might be looking to purchase one to announce her intention to seek jamaharon - jamaharon with her at your own risk, btw - you can also come back when the vendor is here and acquire the mission, "Horgahn Hunt".

[Image: 7ytkGnY.jpg]

In the hunt, you will use your floater to travel all over the resort searching for horgahns that the resort staff have hidden across the island. Get to the horgahn, scan it/pick it up, then head off to the next one! Once you've completed the task, return to the vendor, turn in the horgahns and earn your favors for more (or better) toys - and a bonus if you complete the task before time runs out! You need a floater to do this, though you can pick up some by running (I've never been able to get more than 3-4 this way, btw.)

That said, if you finish the race, you can jump to another toon and acquire the same mission and run it again. I know several players can do this with 3 or more toons, by learning the locations and having Superior level floaters. Last year races were run twice an hour; check the dev notes and the zone ( and here!!!!) for start times!

For those of you not watching the clocks on your screens, the races and games are announced in chat boxes and in alerts on the screens.

After visiting the Horgahn vendor's stall, turn around. Look across the small inlet from the ocean and you'll see the dance floor. During the event there is a dance party held every hour, on the hour (subject to change!)

[Image: 26rbArn.jpg]

Don't know how to dance? Well, the lovely Captain Kethwa (above, and again, dressed in a modified uniform!) would be happy to teach you - but if you don't have time to practice your terpsichorean moves with the Orion captain, you can just click on the emotes as you follow the dance instructor's calls.

To make this easier, click on the emotes arrow (to find the emotes, click on the lower right icon in your chat box, then click on the emotes arrow.) The list will appear. In the upper right hand corner of the list is a icon that looks like a push pin. Click on this, and you can then 'pin' your list anywhere on your screen.

I elongate the emote list so that all the dance moves can be seen at one time. It facilitates getting the moves done quickly... not that it really matters. You have 10-15 seconds to follow the instructor. Plenty of time.

Unless, of course, you spend your dance time flirting with strangers....


Don't forget to go meet the instructor! You'll pick up a locked out dance emote!
What vacation hasn't been ruined because you can't find the bank - or because you need something that the hotel gift shop just doesn't have?

[Image: rW382kY.jpg]

That doesn't happen here! Risa is a 'fully functional' resort. Here, Admiral Kethsa is standing on the dabo table in the center of the main foyer on the hotel. To her right (your left!!!) is the Ferengi trader who can provide you with party amplifiers, party nullifiers, holo emitters and the like. Directly behind her and on both sides of the door are kiosks with bank, exchange and mail access. (Exit the doors and you'll find a lovely ware with couches where we often meet off season for surreptitious planning meetings for covert operations!) There is also an exit to the outside - something to bear in mind when you are on the horgahn hunt! (There is a Horgahn  just outside the doors, hidden n the hills.)

To the right of the doors is a commodity broker who sells entertainment provisions at a SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT! To the left is a broker who sells seismic stabilizers at a discount. If you use these, this is the place to stock up!

Moving toward the front you can go straight, and find yourself on the dance floor, or veer to the left and go onto the beach. Lovely cabanas are placed in the shallows of the ocean. You can relax hear and enjoy the cool quiet of the resort... and sometimes hear an argument. (There's an accolade for this!)

But there's more to the resort than the hotel. Next: the promenade!

Just around the point (past the light house) is the promenade. You can reach it by foot, floater, board or by site-to-site transport.

The promenade is the focus point for a lot of the games. The floater races start here - well, in the water, under the bridge to the second building - and run twice an hour.  (Unlike the other mini-games, they end in a different location.)

Inside the promenade you can find the floater vendor on the main floor; on the second floor are the vendor who will assist you in hatching your bird eggs and raising the feather monkeys. Both are awarded from the minigames, and raised in the same manner as epohhs. At the end of raising them you can keep them or trade them in for... well, I don't know this year - but last year there were mark boxes awarded.

From the second floor you can take the bridge to the second building - but do take a moment to cross the rope bridge to the cabana, or join Admiral Kethma in watching the beginning of the board races!

[Image: giyUBHT.jpg]

The building on the island hosts a lovely bar as well as some vendors. Take a moment to spend some of your hard earned EC for a souvenir. (Last year, special doffs were available!) There are stairs leading down to a second bar as well.

Next: let's grab a floater and tour the island!

Before we start on floaters, there is now a little countdown timer near your "change instance" option on the mini-map. THis tells you how much time you have left in a current game, and when the next games will hbe running! What a great feature!

But for now it's floater time! Captain Kethca, pictured below, is seen here in her rental floater (1000 EC). You can rent or buy one (the more expensive, the better the speed and maneuverability.) To operate the floater, you rent or purchase it, equip it, then place it in your tray. Click on it to put it on. Press on both mouse keys at the same time, and steer by changing the angle of your captain on your screen. Your can also adjust left and right with your arrow keys or "a" and "d" keys, and forward and backward as well. Up and down are still adjusted through changing your perspective. To remove the floater, click on the icon and it will disappear. Beware of doing this in mid-air, unless you really want to 'drop in' on other guests!

[Image: LvH7uRR.jpg]

Once you've got a floater, you can enter the daily challenge. Complete three section of each days 'race' and RETURN TO THE EVENT COORDINATOR to get 40 prize vouchers. 1,000 vouchers can be turned in for the Ferengi ship - and only one toon has to complete this for all of your characters to get the ship!

The race path is hard to miss. The arrows in your mini-map will show you the 4 different race courses: pick three and complete them. Here we see Admiral Kethsa as she begins her run for the day. The entry to the race is neon green, and the path itself is clearly marked with small arrows moving in the direction you need to go. You can see a second entryway to her right.

[Image: vord2EF.jpg]

Here is the entry to the volcano pass.

[Image: 18oagw4.jpg]

And the "Tower" route.

[Image: bI7drsT.jpg]

Practice with those floaters! You're going to need them for the Horgahn Hunt!

Unauthorized Appendix E-I to Mom's guide
About doing fun seriously on Risa and collect a ship and Reputation Marks now also including Iconians*

Get your Event Reputation unlocked on arrival. This gives access to the Event shop, and the daily mission (25 needed) for the Ferengi Nandi - reports say it's a cruiser with access to bank, mail, exchange and a commodity trader. Especially when you are travelling colonies for DOff jobs, doing alerts or normal STFs while roaming the sector space - this Winnebago with (insert favorite weapons) can be yours!

Dress up, have a dancing event (pin the gestures as Mom told you).
Get a 50 favors Floater (Eventshop or Floater trader near the Event Coordinator), do a Horgahn hunt for more favors and free Bird eggs (character bound)
Get a 50 favors Hoverboard (Eventshop or Boad trader at the Promenade)
Get a 1 favor drink for the inventory.
Do your first "Fly high" daily for the Nandi ship.
An hour of gaming with the drink and a Tribble gives you the Lohlunat "turbo-charge-my-floater"-Tribble.

The "Fly High", a dance, a Horgahn hunt and 3 hover races (if you do not make it to the top 3) are your daily fun ordeal.
Everthing else is fun fun.

From the Horgahn hunt you can get a free bird egg. You need an egg a day. If you are not lucky, 150 favors pay for an egg from the event shop.
From the 3 hover board races you get 6 monkey tags.

At the Promenade, see the bird lady and the monkey trainer for DOff missions. The egg and the tags are for getting a hatchling and baby monkey, and monkeys and birds can be grown. You get a bird and a monkey mission for each age of these pets and after a week or so you have a queue running that drops an old monkey and bird each day. Trade these for Reputation Marks (last menu item at the bird/monkey mission NPC)

Spend spare Favors for dresses, a better floater, or a better hover board or save a big pile of them for a 2nd character. Or sell them at the Exchange.

* Do a daily Reputation mission to collect the 55 bonus marks anyway.

You can make fun heavy work on Risa and collect Favors. Much Favors. Contact the Horgahn Collector via the Mission menu. A route like that below (the Horgahn places vary slightly)
[Image: risah3.png]
can be done easily with two characters within the 15 minutes mission time frame. A good pilot with 3 characters and faster floaters and tribbles probably can complete a Horgahn Hunting Hattrick.
Yes, I have run 3 toons in 12 minutes with Superior floaters for two years. It needs a different path though, start at the far SouthWest part of the island pick that one up, to the back of the main building next, up to the main island west cliff and then down to where that map starts. Limits distance, up and down and it works, if you use the tribble buff, might be able to run 4, but it would be stressful.
Thanks! I didn't know I could buy an egg. Given that I can harvest almost 1000 favors an hour with 7 toons, that 150 is cheap when the Risian gods of the egg don't smile upon me.

If the servers like me, I can consistent do 4 toons for the hunt (with superior floaters), with a generous 3-4 seconds to spare. Going to try the routes posted and see if this gives me a little more breathing room.

Since today's patch, you get also Iconian marks for Birds and Monkeys Smile
I borrowed this from another site - but if you haven't done your Risa accolades, here's a detailed list of them:

Speak With The Samba Trainer.

Samba Master
Compete In The Dance Party Several Times To Earn The Advanced Samba emote

Arc Flight Mastery
Fly Under The Middle Arc

Lightly Landed On A Lighthouse
Land On Top Of Risa’s Two Lighthouses

Walked The Boardwalk
From The Transporter Pad, Take A Walk To The Vendors Hut.

Why Are You Flying Over A Volcano?
Fly Over The Volcano Tip On Risa

Won’t Look Down
Fly Over To The Swaying Bridge And Land In The Middle Section

Denied Mok’bara (FED Only)
Land On Top Of The First Arc And Ask The Klingon Master To Teach You The Art
Practitioner of Mok’bara (KDF Only)
Land On Top Of The First Arc And Ask The Klingon Master To Teach You The Art

Risa Roofer
Land On Top Of The Middle Part Of The Main Building

Fireworks Observer
You Watched A Fireworks Display On Risa.

Unauthorized Beach Party
Join The Dancers For A Beach Party on the eastern beach – After Landing Hit The ‘PARTY’ Button [close to the fire].

You Overheard An Argument Between A Trill And A Klingon On Risa. Wait At The Vendors Hut On The Boardwalk Until Midnight

The Big Year – Locate All Of The Vista Birds

Catch Me If Toucan – You Played Pavyl’s Game On Risa. At Midnight, Find Pavyl At The First Location
Ducks Of Hazzard – You Followed The Clue And Found Pavyl On Risa. At Midnight, Find Pavyl At The Second Location
Gorilla In Sixty Seconds – Pavyl Can’t Stump You. You Deciphered His Clue And Found Him Again On Risa. At Midnight, Find Pavyl At The Third Location
The Frog And The Furious – You’ve Beaten Pavyl At His Own Game And Know The Island As Well As A Risian. At Midnight, Find Pavyl At The Fourth And Final Location

Master Relaxer – Earn All The Accolades On Risa
While there haven't been many change to Risa this year, there has been a new game added: Sun, Sand and Scavenging.

This is a hunt for the artifact game, and the mechanism is a 'you're getting hotter, you're getting colder' idea, as you may have played when you were a child. There is a MAJOR difference, however, in that you will be told if you are closer to or further from the target - but it is relative to where you last ran the scan, i.e., you are further away than you were, you are closer than you were. It can be confusing. SO...

To play the game, use the site to site transporter and go to Qwen's camp. After talking with Gwen to acquire the mission, you'll need to initialize you scanner. Do not do this immediately, but rather, take your floater to the top of the volcano (I use the peak that has no trees, to the southeast of the camp.) Intialize the scanner here, as every target will be equidistant.

Choose a cardinal direction (north, south, east or west). Fly a very short distance in that direction and scan. If you get a FURTHER message, turn back and go the opposite direction just past the center point, and scan again. You should receive a CLOSER message. Turn ninety degrees, run a short distance and scan again. If FURTHER, then you know the target is in the remaining quadrant. Why keep it a short distance between these initial scans? There are targets that run close to the imaginary center lines; go too far, and you may get s FURTHER reading that will slow you down.

For example: I acquire the mission. I go to the top of the mountain, and initialize the scanner. I turn north (just because - no real reason) fly a few meters toward Qwen's, scan, and learn that I am now further away from the target than I was at the center of the map. This eliminates everything north of this imaginary line. I turn around, run a few meters south, and confirm that I am now closer: the target is either in the southwest or southeast. I turn east, fly a few meters and check again: it's FURTHER, so I reverse course, go west a few meters, and confirm that I am now closer.

There are four potential targets in the southwest quadrant. I aim for the little island with one tree on the southwest side of the map, checking the scanner frequently. If it changes to FURTHER as you fly, you can assume you've just passed the target; hang a left and aim for the closest target, and scan again.

It takes some practice, but it's worth it. The reward is 20 favors - except for the last fifteen minutes of the hour, when the game is featured and you earn 50 favors (sort of like the sandcastles from previous years.)

To capitalize on this, you can acquire the game anytime, collect the artifacts - but do not turn them in until the last fifteen minutes of each hour, when the premium awards are being given. I run it immediately after the dance contest, powerboard races and post-horgahn hunt, then run any remaining toons during the game period, when I have all the toons turn in the artifacts. This is 400 favors for my 8 toons.

Confusing? Find me in game and I'll walk you through it.

The Risa Summer Event is here. The friendly STO crew gave us THIS, by the EU design team (originally published on STO's Twitter)

[Image: sto-risamap.jpg]

Nice guys Cool
I added the artifact digging locations found on the reddit map.
[Image: sto-risamap-plus.png]
So clicking the image may be a spoiler for the Explorers among you. Blush
Or may be not. Cool
[Image: IXCmgRi.jpg]

better map