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Full Version: Ed's Groundhog Days - How I learnt to have a bit fun...
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I was playing STO for more than 2 years. Then I watched a YouToube Video from one of the more active Streamers of the German player community. I learnt that AUTOFIRE also works on ground...  Smile

Game Settings
These are my new settings for ground, they feel quite well:
[Image: groundhog-settings.png]
Enable Autofire by right-click on your Primary Attack, make a decision on your 2ndary Attack (my Opinion: always yes for Split Beam and Full Automatic Rifles). Try it, and if you are happy how it suddenly works, love your Equipment, and stick to your Skills Setup (what I mostly do, especially as retraining always means both space and ground and traits get messed...) then the single picture did it.

I have a proud Romulan character who wears a gold plated Romulan Imperial Navy 4-piece-set and he will never change that.

Many kits are awesome, each their own way (like those from the Fleet Embassy and Fleet Research Lab). If you want a simple solution, look for [KPerf]x3 or [CritD][KPerf]x2 or [CritH][KPerf]x2 or [KPerf]x2 [PSGRes]. What ever Modules you use, [KPerf] makes them better.

The ground euipment vendor at the Fleet Star Base has a cool thing for you, called Advanced Recoil Compensating Amor at MK XII. Fed with upgrades you get:

[Image: groundhog-armor-xr.png]
[Image: groundhog-armor-ep.png]

Play the Temporal Front mission twice for a Nakuhl Shield and Nakuhl Weapon. The Nakuhl Weapon, just as it drops, gets into your 2nd weapon slot to give you the 2 pieces set bonus (+2% Critical Chance, +30% Critical Severity). With love and Dilithium you get:

[Image: groundhog-shield-xr.png]
[Image: groundhog-shield-ep.png]

Use your most favorite weapon. Or find it. Some samples (I love them all) are:
From the Lobi store: The Boom Stick is awesome against multiple enemies, and always chaining, it shoots around edges. Not so good aghainst a single target.
From the K13 Fleet Holding you can get a very nice full automatic rifle. If you like Disruptors or Phasers.
From R&D, an Antiproton Split Beam Rifle. Very good if you want an option for AoE damage on long distances.
[Image: groundhog-wpn-boomstick.png]
[Image: groundhog-wpn-k13-disar.png]
[Image: groundhog-wpn-apsbr.png]
Also have a TR116B ready and equip that if you are planning to see the Borg Borg.

Skill Setup
The most painful change to do (especially as retraining always means both space and ground skills and traits get messed...), and only if you want. The old DPS League setup was All Weapons & All Kit. They changed their mind a bit recently and went to:

[Image: groundhog-skills-dpsleague.png]

And Now...
Be back, and shoot them all Devil
Science Captains who like Electrogravitic Field, Hyperionic Radiation, Endothermic Field and/or Freeze Flash may find firing before their kit abilities apply a bit counter-productive. Having Auto Fire enabled but Toggle, non-combat cancels in the game setting might be a better setup