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Full Version: A Call to the Fleet for 1st of August: The Undine Space Battle Zone
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The Undine Space Battle Zone is a great way to get Isomorphic Injections - Science Captains will find the Undine Set a true goody, solid and well performing.

It takes about half an hour to conquer the zone. You are blasting undines and pilot between muddly bubbles and swear on the pulling strings of Undine sub space rifts.

In the final stages you punch 3 Planetkillers on the nose (Literally! It's their weak spot!) and close the gap by defeating a Voth invasion fleet sent to insult and to destroy the mammals!

Rewards are a reasonable amount of Dilithium, a modest amount of Undine Reputation Marks, 4 Isomorphic Injections and a row of space battles that feels epic!

There is a 5 minute break between the battle events running all day. So even if you feel energetic and run the battle repeatedly, there is room to chill, get some coffee, have a drink or sacrifce a cigarette to the powers that be.

Any Science Captain at level 50+ is cordially invited to show up for some action and get as many Isomorphic Injections as you can eat or stand farming.

Any Fleet Mate at level 50+ is cordially invited to join the fray to help, and to protect. Show as much fireworks as your warp cores can suffer. Turn Tripod ships into debris and kick the Saurs where their wall shields do not shine!

As this is a Battle Zone we are not alone, there are always brave Captains doing as we do.

To prepare yourself, get access to the battle zone: Have completed the Sphere of Influence and Circles within Circles, etc. Missions.

I will be on location serving as your tour guide and doing the battle at Saturday 1st of August,
GMT+1 times 16:00 - 18:00+ , 20:00 - 22:00+ and 23:00 - 1:00.
Show up as you like, I will be happy to invite you into team during the break periods. If you find it's not your cup of tea, leave when the battle event you joined is done. Stay for another battle event if you like it.

You will see me as Piper, Edar'Ta or Catriona (Federation) or Mel'hMac (Klingon Defense Force)