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Full Version: SpeedEvent channel
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For those of us with too many toons, and not enough time to give Arena of Sompek all the time it deserves (but still want the prizes), join SpeedEvent chat channel. It's PUGs for a quick Five and Die (yes, die, not dime) - 5 rounds, and time to quit.

By using the Private Queue, you can make teams of all alliances and get in and out fast.

That said, Arena is a hoot, and if you have the time, playing the 20 minute and untimed versions is a great way to have fun, test yourself - and test out your gear.

Don't forget to check out the other specialty channels while you're at it: KDFdefera, Epohhs, DPS, etc. They can be real game enhancers when you want to do something specific and don't want to wait for a queue to fill.
And don't forget to try the DPS channels as well (Thanks to Ed for pointing this out!)