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Full Version: How make they all those cool videos and screen shots!
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Dear mates I learnt,
that the ingame shots ( where Thomas Marone gave us a really nice primer in his reddit posting ) are just the beginning.


The DEMORECORD feature of the Star Trek Online game itself gives us much more for anything without user interfaces. The very beginning is here:

To turn Demo Recording on and off easily I use 2 keybinds:

/bind Ctrl+F8 "demorecord"
/bind Ctrl+F9 "demorecordstop"

STO Demo Launcher
To play demos easily, the STO Demo Launcher (related ARC forum posting also linked in the gamepedia page) is great. As it permits to change ship and charakter looks by those from any other demo record file and offers some cleaning abilities (see its filters) I really love it. My video on MitNaqt's dream would not have been possible without it.

As Demorecords are just gigantic text files, they can be edited.
I would not be Ed, if I did not program my own helper to give me (and you) even more power... now I brag about it.
My DERECO1701 (dropbox link here, no warranties made) does some things I miss in the STO Demo Launcher:
Some Green Fly-By messages survive Demolauncher's filtering. Though you do not see it in play back, the demorecord file contains lots of chat messages including /tell s you send or receive while recording. I want to share demo files for costume tinkering or as suporting footage without that stuff. So Cleaning is the main ability of that toy.
You could text-edit a demorecord file manually. As I do not like to do that a Ship Renaming feature is also available on that DERECO1701 thingie.
The DR Chat Listing feature of the toy is available as I want to check what is not cleaned yet by this program - can I share a demo file savely, or is some manual work (or more programming) needed?


ZEFilms is just a great guy. He makes awesome videos from STO and tells us how!

The German Player Community is thriving and if you like more than 5 hours total (all german language) of HowTo101 on screenshots or video making/streaming - then TRIBBLELP is the man.

Have fun making your own cool Pictures and Movies Peace
As always, Ed, you are awesome!
In applying the two keybinds, I found you don't use the quotation marks. Works great now!
At this moment, the /demorecord command REQUIRES a file name, otherwise it crashed your game.

So use - e.g.
/demorecord char_location
or so
Work Around for Demorecord command issue
I use that method for some days now, I feel fine with it Cool (Click Me)

More Tools
Wow. My first posting is so incomplete!

My favorite picture tool. I use it for overlays, and specials of all kind. Get it here.

Getting the Clips recorded is just the beginning. To cut and recombine scenes and to combine video and audio tracks, I got me this tool. I am just a noob but its tutorial videos help. You get it here.

I learnt to love it in 2003. Now, editing sound, I learnt I still love it. Here it is, hear, hear!
Ed, I LOVE the DEMO tools for deleting the fly-ins!!!!!!!
(03-31-2018, 12:30 AM)brawndo_mom Wrote: [ -> ]Ed, I LOVE the DEMO tools for deleting the fly-ins!!!!!!!
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart