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Full Version: demorecord broken at season 14
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The /demorecord command used to create demo records named by time stamp yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mi-ss.demo

At the moment of writing,
crashes the game client.

/demorecord {file name} works, but spontaneous recording or quick restart by key binds during events is not that easy as you have to pass a file name.

I use a work around by a self modifying keybind with 2*17 files located in the Live folder.

employ in space:
/bind_loadfile space-dr.txt

employ on ground:
/bind_loadfile ground-dr.txt

Ctrl-F8 starts a demorecord, Ctrl-F9 stops recording.

Ctrl+F8 "demorecord space-00$$bind_load_file space-01.txt"
Ctrl+F9 "demorecordstop"
Ctrl-F8 starts a demo recording to space-00.demo, and overloads the key bind with space-01.txt

Ctrl+F8 "demorecord space-01$$bind_load_file space-02.txt"
Ctrl-F8 now starts a demo recording to to space-01.demo, and overloads the key bind, again...

space-0F.txt overloads by space-00.txt and the cycle restarts

ground-dr.txt and ground-00.txt to ground-0F.txt are intended for recordings on ground.

As each Character has separate key binds, one needs to rename those demo files to something useful whan a toons shooting session is done (I assume 16 files for space and ground are good enough).