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Full Version: Star Trek Convention August 2018
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As you should know, Strike Group is hosting a booth at the ST con in Las Vegas this summer.

If you are planning to attend, for one day or for all, Mom is looking at renting a house rather than staying at the Rio. Would anyone be interested in sharing the accommodations?

Let me know soon (and only if you're serious about going!)
As I mentioned in another thread about the same, I won't be able to join (obvious reasons), but I would like to donate some cash to the good cause.
So when time is due, let me know of a PayPal account or whatever, and I will be happy to send over some money.. Smile
Everything is well underway for the Vegas convention in August. We're doing a Risa-themed booth, with a custom made background image, cheesy fake palm trees (Darkthorne's idea!!!!), flowers, Vegas tribbles (yes, it's a thing... now), monitors running our videos, a couple of deck chairs for visitors to relax and chat game... Still have to do some giveaways, but we have 4 weeks before things have to be shipped.

Since many of you have asked, yes, you can help. I'm accepting donations to offset the costs. To date, I've spent about $2000 on the soiree, and we've got about $500 more to go. (This doesn't include hotels, planes, gas, tickets for the con, etc. I wouldn't ask or expect anyone to pay for that!) If you want to donate, you can post a contribution to my Paypal account: I also know that no one asked me to do this, so if you don't want to contribute or you simply can't afford it, no problems.

Yes, we'll take pictures and videos, and may even stream from the floor if we can get that set up.


Mom and Darkthorne
Donation sent..