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Full Version: Best of the Best - Sompek Arena
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@Neutrino28 suggested we put together a team to champion the fleet(s) in the "Arena of Sompek" this upcoming weekend (starting May 3). Given how darned good some of you ground players are, it would be awesome to see how far a fleet team could go.

If you're interested, post a note/comment below and we'll try to coordinate.

Since timing is everything, and not everyone can be on at the same time, let us know what your highest level is (no, you don't have to prove it! this is for bragging rights!)

Last, and not least, I'd really like to run an all Delta Recruits team (old toons or new!) for an upcoming video I'd like to make. If you are intersted, ingame mail me!

Remember, you can cross faction Sompek, so team up your favorite KDF or Fed toons - and let's see who's got the 'right stuff'.

I would join any day can play until midnight+ (CEST):

Old Salt: Science Department! Priss, Edar'Ta and Stella Star (1st generation Delta Recruit)
Young Blood: Ms Moneypiggy (Sci) or Neron (this year's Delta Recruit, Tac)

KDF: Lizard(Sci) or MidNaqt(Eng)

Qapla'! Jolan Tru! Banzai!
I could do it all day on either Saturday or Sunday depending on the day which a majority of players pick.
We had a team of Armada mates and a friend - 109 rounds (yes beardy, you are right, my 103 was a cerebral anomaly), 99 minutes, high 5!

[Image: 109-sompek-02.png]