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Full Version: Strange bug with just one character
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Well the bug is as follow:

 The character in particular is my federation eng Brittanie, when in missions or sector space each time i do a click on the icon fire all weapons and or simple hit a key that is associated with fire all weapons, i get transwarped directly to the fleet colony hoding, note that its also on the game UI so resetting keys doesnt work also this happens with any ship i switch to, i did try to see if any of my gear was causing the problem but since the cooldown takes 5mins or so its been too hard to try to pinpoint the problem on that, i also did try to check any abilitys and no go, also reported this odd bug to cryptic but no luck with them so i am writting this here to see if i can get any help regarding this toon at least i can do ground missions and pves where the transwarp is dislabled.
That's new to me.
Never experienced that.
Do you by any chance use keybinds?
i mentioned key binds i think i also reset those or eliminate em, also mentioned that it happens with the UI of the game, meaning clicking on an in game icon lol. My point is if it was a key bind then the game icon that represents fire all weapons should only do just that and not another thing xD.