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Full Version: Science Captain - Damage on Ground Maps
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This is my most loved set up for Science Captains on Ground, suits me fine in Ground Elite PVEs:
[Image: sci-cap-ground-dps-set.png]
The most dirty trick in this is to have the set weapon as secondary and a favorite beast as primary.

Two hyped ground weapons (herold staff, boolean) have deficiencies in single target damage or firing rate. Or they are freezing you in place while loading up their 2ndary attack.

I prefer the Plasma Wide Beam Rifle for its quick Special/Secondary attack that cooperates with the Temporal Operative Specialization or a Krieger Wave weapon that also has a reasonably quick 2ndary attack and a KPerf proc. As high cost, but very cool alternative to the set body armor I like the 23rd Century Experimental Environmental suits:
[Image: sci-cap-ground-dps-extra.png]
note: for nukara change the exothermic induction field for the endothermic induction field or any mission or pve containing tholians.

question especializations would be like temporal operative and commando?
Temporal Operative 1st, I did not track secondaries for ground yet
I see normaly for ground i am going temporal operative and 2dary i go commando