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Full Version: The Darkmom Consortium
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Hey everyone!

The Darkmom Consortium Youtube channel is up and running. Here you'll find our latest videos on how to play STO (yes, yes - YOU already know how!) as well as recordings of our livestreams.

Please check us out, subscribe and give us a thumbs up and a like as well as any suggestions you may have for editing and content!

We need to hit 1000 subscribers in order to get monetized - and all money from the shows and channels goes to paying for the 2019 Vegas convention. The more we raise, the more of you we can invite to join us! (I didn't win the megamillions, sad to say, or we'd ALL be going!)

We'll be posting our broadcast schedule for the livestreams as soon as we find days and times that work for everyone - so chime in out that matter as well.