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Full Version: Aishi's Nukura Ground Queue Tips
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For Immediate Release to all Captains.

Read Team Chat:
These 2 missions are heavily teamwork oriented to complete, so you need to Rez fallen Captains, because if they respawn they go to time out.... and those of us that don't will come and mock you in time out when you do!  You also need to leave the start area quickly or you will be trapped in the the Timeout area, just like those that respawned.

Second and just as important maybe more is don't use any HEAT based attacks on the Tholians, this INCLUDES the SOLAR GATEWAY and the sci ability exothermic reaction.  But mostly the Solar Gateway, swap it out morons and stop making the mission harder by providing aid and comfort to the enemy.  Or be brought up on charges of TREASON!  just like the first traitor, Micheal Burnum, or whatever her name was.  Molten Terrain & Methuselah Drone should also be avoided. Hyperonic Radiation is an AOE healer for Tholians, AVOID at ALL costs!  It can Dramatically heal them and cause a TPK, so not good.

Third, instead of the previously mentioned Kits which shall not be named again, use ANY kit from Q's Winter Wonderland!  They do Massive amounts of cold damage to the Tholians and are PERFECT for dealing out the hurt to those Heat loving crystals!  Also the Hurricane Turret from the Summer event is good for damage but makes falling in the acid more likely as visibility is reduced to Zero, use it and similar kits with Extreme caution.

1) Communicate
2) Don't Respawn!
3) Rez the Fallen (you know who you are that don't!)
4) Avoid Helping the Tholians by healing them
5) Win and get your Prizes
6) Stop and Prevent Annoying PSAs like this one, Remember only you can stop Annoying PSAs act responsibly!

Thanks, Aishi - I finally managed mouse handling to copy this Peace
Can we use our Winter wonderland weapons???