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Full Version: Dilithium Contest #8 - Styx Dreadnought Cruiser!
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One of our awesome fleeties has won a Styx Dreadnought - and he has generously given it to the fleet to be awarded as a prize!

In order to properly respect his exceedingly generous donation - and to kill two tribbles with one stone, as the old Klingon saying goes -  the fleet's senior officers have decided that we are going to raffle off the ship AND complete the SSG colony!

For every 10k dilithium donated toward the SSG colony project, you will receive ONE raffle ticket. When all 100 are gone, we'll have a raffle.

The WINNER will receive a Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser

In addition, we're going to have two additional ships to be given away AND prizes for everyone who donates!

Contest is open to Starfleet Strike Group members.

NOW before you go thinking that "I'm just a lowly newb, and I can only afford to get one ticket... I'm NEVER going to win," please talk to Darkthorne, who won a Lobi ship with only one ticket in the contest. Not only can it be done, it HAS been done.

Entrants are limited to buying 10 tickets a day.
1 ticket = 10000 Dilithium.
100 tickets available.
First come, first served.
Fleet Party will be held for drawing - Open to ALL.
NOTE: Dilithium donations must be witnessed and recorded by a Fleet Captain or higher for credit. If no officers are available, you can text or email Mom directly. Mom knows all and knows all.

Select from any available slot:
# [Name] # [Name] # [Name] # [Name]
001@captainbuddjet#3018 002@captainbuddjet#3018 003@captainbuddjet#3018 004@captainbuddjet#3018
005@Darkthorne 006@radonne 007@Sovereign 008@Sovereign
009@Sovereign 010@Sovereign 011@Sovereign 012@Sovereign
013@Sovereign 014@Sovereign 015@Sovereign 016@aishikomorishima
017@aishikomorishima 018@aishikomorishima 019@aishikomorishima 020@aishikomorishima
021@aishikomorishima 022@aishikomorishima 023@aishikomorishima 024@aishikomorishima
025@aishikomorishima 026@Sovereign 027@Sovereign 028@Sovereign
029@Sovereign 030@Sovereign 031@Sovereign 032@Sovereign
033@Sovereign 034@Sovereign 035@Sovereign 036@Sovereign
037@Sovereign 038@Sovereign 039@Sovereign 040@Sovereign
041@Sovereign 042@Sovereign 043@aishikomorishima 044@aishikomorishima
045@aishikomorishima 046@aishikomorishima 047@aishikomorishima 048@aishikomorishima
049@captainbuddjet#3018 050@aishikomorishima 051@Sovereign 052@aishikomorishima
053@aishikomorishima 054@aishikomorishima 055@Sovereign 056@captainbuddjet#3018
057@Sovereign 058@Sovereign 059@tr0n226#7957 060@tr0n226#7957
061@Sovereign 062@Sovereign 063@captainbuddjet#3018 064@Sovereign
065@Sovereign 066@Sovereign 067@Sovereign 068@Sovereign
069@Sovereign 070@Sovereign 071@aishikomorishima 072@aishikomorishima
073@aishikomorishima 074@Sovereign 075@aishikomorishima 076@aishikomorishima
077@Sovereign 078@aishikomorishima 079@aishikomorishima 080@aishikomorishima
081@aishikomorishima 082@Sovereign 083@Sovereign 084@Sovereign
085@Sovereign 086@Sovereign 087@Sovereign 088@Sovereign
089@radonne 090@radonne 091@radonne 092@radonne
093@Sovereign 094@Sovereign 095@Sovereign 096@Sovereign
097@captainbuddjet#3018 098@captainbuddjet#3018 099@Sovereign 100@captainbuddjet#3018

When all tickets are sold, a drawing will be schedule within 5-7 days. We tend to run a Fleet Party to celebrate!
Uhhh, I like those paties!!
(03-22-2019, 07:41 AM)Tanzikan Wrote: [ -> ]Uhhh, I like those paties!!

All beef patties?
That went fast... Smile
Kudos to all of you.. *Insert "you rock" meme here*

Thanks to everyone who participated!