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Full Version: NAME! THAT! TOON!
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For the Star Trek Las Vegas convension, we're planning to set up a gaming site, with some premade characters for players to use.

But what to name them?????

On the FED side, we have:
Vulcan SCI male
Human ENG female
Andorian TAC female
Jemmie TAC

The KDF is sending:
Klingon TAC male
Gorn TAC male
Rommie SCI female
Orion ENG female

If you have a clever name, post it!

BTW, once these toons are created, we need some help getting them leveled. (Don't need to worry about reputation, R & D, etc., just leveling.)

Bribery is involved, so we'll have thank you goodies and prizes for the winners.


Mom and Dark
These came into my mind....

Vulcan Sci Male: T'Mat
Human Eng Male: Bruce Spanner
Andorian Tac Female: Saldana Shrimp
Jemmie Tac: Stat'Eklat

Klingon Tac Male: Carl Pla'
Gorn Tac Male: Braap
Rommie Sci Female: Abaca
Orian Eng Female: Toynia Fox

Here are some ideas:
T'rizza Mai.
Wer'z Waldo.
I don't mind help lvling..
And I dont mind doing it for free..
Aye. Send Toon. Will level. Even if it's Vegas Gina.
Bruce Spanner

And Carl Pla. Heheheheheheheheh
Human ENG female: Tai Mai Shu
Loving it.
2nd entry for Orion female Engineer: Pajama Patais
Patais was a type. I meant Partais...

Another suggestion for the Orion Engineer: Carmen Sense, Ship: Call of Beauty.
Commander Carl'Pla
Love it! Handsome Kilngon man!
What about this name?
All'Vaij's Po'R
Nice Carl Pla' was Mom-made Heart 

Another name, Engineer male: Gus Pacho

Lieutenent General Carl Pla' - Hirogen Heavy Hunter Escort