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Full Version: Star Trek: Online missions playlist
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Hi all,

Just for fun, I have started recording various mission and put them in a playlist, hereĀ

The format is to let all NPCs talk, all cutscenes play, and give viewers time to read conversations too.
Other than that, no edits, so if glitches occur, so be it.

And, I will try not to die, ...

It's not about builds and skill efficiency, it's about stories and scenery. Like, for now, I have been using a toon that is just levelling up, so...

I play the missions in no particular order but it's well possible that at some point I will have played, recorded and uploaded all of the storyarc missions.

Oh yeah Smile

If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know, and I will take them in consideration.

Nice! I like what you did!