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Full Version: New Discord Server
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New Discord Server has been created as the old Admin went MIA. So all the ideas of rooms and/or modifications we had were impossible to get done.
So a new one had to be created.

What we have done so far:
Solar News Network will be used for all major news sorrounding our Armada, where Mom and Ed can announce upcoming fleet events or any other changes etc.
Federation News Network will be used for auto-broadcasting news from different sources (eg. Ambassador Kael Twitter feed atm), but Im working on getting News from the STO webpage directly feeded into that channel as well; other will be added if we find them relevant.

We have also created the generic rooms for group TFOs (Voice) but also channels for braggin' about your DPS-scores or if you need help for your ship-build, ask away and I bet everyone will chip in with their ideas or good advise.

There is also a channel to post your STO-related memes/videos or just funny link that you want to share.

Above is just a brief introduction to it all.
If you have any questions, ideas or other things that we might have missed, let us know.

The link for our new Discord is here: StrikeGroup Armada Discord Server ( <- This link is also posted on our old discord server
We have now added tro more feeds:
Tweets posted by @trekonlinegame and our own DarkThorne will be automatically posted in the "Federation News Network channel" with a small headline and link to the article.

Our Discord will also auto-announce when either CrypticStudios, PriorityOne Broadcast and of course when TheDarkMomConsortium goes live.. Smile

If you have other sources that would benefit us all, please let me know and I will get it hooked up.
We aren't interested in following massive-spammers, cause then it would be one big cluster-f*ck..