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Full Version: Devices are your Friend
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There are many of these and you want to use them.

Nimbus Pirate Distress Call
This device is earned as reward from the Badlands story arc finals. Three pirate ships are summoned on use to heal your shields or hull and to shoot at foes. You do not need to equip it, just have it in your inventory and slot it in a power tray. It shares cool down with the Delta Reinforcements Beacon.

Delta Reinforcements Beacon
You can pich this from the Broken Circle mission in the Iconian War Arc. Three Pilot Ships are summoned on use to defeat your enemies. You do not need to equip it, just have it in your inventory and slot it in a power tray. It shares cool down with the Nimbus Pirate Distress Call.

Subspace Field Modulator
This device puts your ship out of phase and gives great damage resistance when used. You get it from the early Ghost Story Arc.
Warning: it makes you vulnerable vs. Polaron Weapons.
So do not use it when facing Breen, Vaadwaur, the U.S.S. OLIPHANT or the WITCH OF ANDOR.

Scorpion Fighters
Essentially a hangar in the pocket it comes with 50 uses from The Vault mission, part of the Romulan Story Arc. It summons Scorpion Fighters to defeat your foes. I know a player who, when he saw these smalls in action while levelling, decided that his one-and-only Zen ship will be a carrier.

Prototype Devices: Satelite Turrets and Platforms
These consumable devices come Duty Officer assignments and are often found in the Exchange, inexpensive. They are deployed to give you extra fire power and there is an entire knowledge article dedicated to various types and use.

Temporarily Available: The Temporal Negatiator
Those who created a Delta Recruit Char during spring 2015 can claim this renown device with all characters from the Temporal Agent when the Recruit has made his way through the stories, collecting all Iconian Technology samples. On use it halves all cooldowns running. The Negotiator has a 5 min cooldown. I am happy to have it.  

Including Batteries
Batteries are consumed when used and share a cooldown. With a Cooldown recently reduced to 30 seconds they have become very useful. They help to repair sub systems like Shields and Weapons and raise energy levels.
With a Maintenance Engineer (best known: the Exocomp from the recurring Academy Event) on space duty Batteries also improve performance by hardening shields, oomphing weapons etc.
Batteries can be purchased in various sizes from the commodity traders and at R&D skill 15 of the proper type (or Engineering 15) you can make Large ones from green Materials.

Much More
Your R&D department has also learnt to make a variety of consumable booster devices for your ship. If you have found something exceptional: post! Batteries are so common.

Reactive Armor Catalysts
When you pick the consumable Reactive Armor Catalysts from the Broken Circle mission in the Iconian Arc, your R&D Engineering department learns how to make more of them. You get ablative armor and a heal over time, cooldown is shared with batteries. I like this device that much that I had dedicated a typonese how-to on it's R&D manufacturing. The Catalysts are bound to character.

Prototype Ablative Jevonite Hardpoints
These consumables give you +100 Starship Structural Integrity for 15 minutes and boost your ship's hit points remarkably.
Once you completed a chain of Duty Officer assignments, the reward is a recurring uncommon Duty Mission to make these devices. The Mission requires 3 Jevonite and has a felt cooldown of a day.

Thingus Eremitus: Red Matter Capacitor
Available only to those who bought the games' Collectors Edition years ago, it's a reusable all-purpose ship energy level boosting Device Of Other Captains' Envy. So I can't get one.
The Oberth and the  B'Rotlh Bird-of-Prey Tier 1 Zen ships (500) offer universal consoles of similar functionality.