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Full Version: Dec 12: Klingon Strike Group call to the Badlands Space BZ
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Qapla', Brothers and Sisters!

Again we set course to the Badlands Space Battlezone in the Alpha Quadrant to disrupt the Campaign of evil Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe! Every Fleet Mate at level 60 is cordially invited!

It takes about 3/4 of an hour to conquer the zone. You are blasting Terrans, and pilot between plasma vortices and swear on the pushy Nebula Science ships. Have your hull polarized, defeat ships of all kind, disable fiendish devices, lay siege on space fortresses an give Leeta what Leeta deserves!

Join for an epic battle and great rewards: ~1500 Dil, 90-150 Terran Reputation Marks and 4 Gravimetric Inductors will be yours. The Terran Reputation Set is focused to Disruptors, the Canon Weapons of The Empire!

There is a 3 minute break between the battle events running all day. So even if you feel enraged and run the battle repeatedly, there is room to chill, get some Raktajino or have a sip of Bloodwine.

I will be on location serving as your tour guide and doing the battle at Saturday 12th of December, GMT+1 times 20:00 - 23:00. See the event in the ingame fleet calendar.
Show up as you like, I will be happy to invite you into team during the break periods. If you find it's not your cup of tea, leave when the battle event you joined is done. Stay for another battle event if you like it.

Be Victory Ours!
              Mit'Naqt@Edarta, Admiral