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Full Version: The Demystification of the 100 Million EC Console
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I do not tell you the Plasmonic Leech is bad. It is not. I love the Plasmnonic Leech.
January 2017 Update:
KDF players and aligned Romulans get the Leech from the Vandal (Nausicaan Destroyer) Zen ship. Federation players found it as an elusive drop from the Tal-Shiar Lockbox and Zen-wise it may be much smarter for them to sell Lockbox Keys or Fleet Ship Modules in the Exchange to buy the Leech from the Exchange. The price has been in the 90 Million EC range. With introduction of the Infinity Lock Box Events, it dropped to as low as 5 Millions.

My Shrek@Starbase2015 is in command of the USS ANGST, all beams, Fire at Will 3 as often as possible.

And he is all happy on this:

Falcon@alliefalcon07: CLR—Infected Space[7:11]— Dmg(DPS) —Shrek 11,281,612(26,175) Spayx 9,579,041(22,592) Falcon 7,882,743(18,289) DarkWolf 7,562,766(17,964) Raven 1,583,444(4,060)

I did an Experiment today
. I love Experiments too.

I replaced the epic rock star by a purple Mk XII EPS Flow regulator. 200k EC at the Exchange.

I got these numbers:

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [09:30] DMG(DPS) - @starbase2015: 13.64M(24.67K) @leeoswald: 9.40M(17.03K) @thegonz20: 7.33M(13.20K) @echtra#2716: 4.38M(7.85K) @magnus1a: 3.00M(5.41K)

And now I leave you, confused. I must medidate some more weeks on my ship builds...
HOGWASH! I do not see an experiment, I see V A R I A B L E S!!!!!

String overload, buffer overflow! 4 CHAN!