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Full Version: Armada Chat (Cross Faction)
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Cryptic gave us Armadas, and gave us a default Armada Chat channel. Unfortunately, there is some limitations to this, so in order to promote cross faction play, we are asking all members *(of any and all Armada fleets), to join: Armada_One

The quick and dirty way, just type into your chat box:
/channel_join Armada_One

The other method is to open your chat options (looks like a gear and face icon, on the lower right chat text bar), [Chat Settings...] and then [Channels] and type it in and hit join!

Take a moment to change the channels text color to something noticeable, and not white! Something that will get your attention, like the green I used above, or perhaps hot Pink!


Would you like to know more???????
just type into your chat box: /channel_join Armada_One