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Full Version: Fleet Growth --[Klingon-KDF]-- (Win FSMs, 2 winners)
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One way to have fun as a fleet is to play as a fleet! Real life is important, but we all look for time to relax. When you are online and playing the game, all the other people you see in the worlds; space, ground, or other, are there for the same reason you are - to have fun.

We have ran numerous "contests" and given away E.C. prizes to people just for inviting new members to the fleet. In theory this is a neat idea, but it leaves something missing. Some people join, never get the guidance they need and end up quitting, sometimes forever. (remember STO is a challenge). Other people aren't even interested in being in a fleet, perhaps they have had a bad experience.

So... Now **you** have a chance to help the fleet, and help someone else who either isn't in a fleet, is cautious about what a fleet can do for them, or perhaps is in a fleet with no life, find out what the Strike Group can do for them. The challenge is to YOU to take charge and win a valuable prize while doing it!

We are looking to grow our fleet and bring members in, young/old, new/experienced, English or otherwise! You are invited to step up and invite others to our fleet. But it doesn't stop there. We want to see you make friends and help mentor new members. Invite them into our fleet chat, guide them in becoming a member of this website, explain the rank structure, introduce them to other members and show them how to PvE. Help them learn the game, or for more experienced players let them know their experience is welcome and we always look for more Fleet Captains.

For *each* new member you bring into the fleet & introduce them to this website and strike group chat, post a reply to this thread with their handle@username (for example: ver'quanen@noybman) on the day that you invite them.

After we have grown in quality & quantity of our active members over the next few weeks, or months, we will call out when the contest is nearing a close! After 30 days we will hold a fleet party to celebrate the new friends we have made amongst our ranks and to award a First place prize of 2 FSMs and a second place prize of 1 FSM. We will also giveaway a number of door prizes to all members in attendance.

The First and Second place winners will be determined by the Fleet Officers and will be Quantity & effort (Quality) based. Your true goal is to have fun, and make friends, but as a bonus, you (and even the new people you invite) can win an awesome and quite useful prize no matter how wealthy you are/or aren't.

So go forth, and venture out, and enjoy yourself in the process!!

Chief Officer Ver'