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Full Version: Delta Rising Contest
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I would like to gauge the interest in a DR contest. I would put up a Fleet Ship Mod as the prize. The way to participate is leave a reply on this thread and the way to win is be the 1st in the Fleet (either KDF/FED) to hit lvl 60. Once you hit 60 send me a PM or if I am not online send me a ingame email. Also post a reply here that you hit 60. I would also track this via the roster as I am on a lot so I will be able to tell who is 1st. As contest initiator I will not participate.
When you register please leave your @Handle in the reply

Edit: 10/12/14: The toon MUST be in a Strike Group Fleet when DR goes live. Any toon joining the fleet after contest starts is not eligible.

Entered Toons:



Corbenik@Cryonicon shall see how fast I can travel the road to level 60 lol.
Great idea and I think it would foster a lot of involvement.

Sadly, I have non-stop meeting starting Tuesdays - but I guess I don't actually have to sleep for a few days....
Guys Please if your entering leave you Ingame @handle I don't know everyone by name yet. TY
What? You're not psychic? Smile

Sry but this is contest is for fleet members only, I see your in Sol Fleet


Sry if your in another fleet and our you can still use the toon that's in our fleet. Doesn't make much sence to have a contest for toons outside our fleet
Since I can't enter that toon, i will enter both Tiffany@alysvanya & Nalya@alysvanya into the contest.
I didn't realize I could enter one from each fleet!

LOL you can but only 1 winner total. and the name of the toon isn't important. All I wanted was the @handle so it doesn't matter what toon you get to 60 as long as its in the fleet, doesn't matter which one, you win. For example @Player A in Fed and @Player B in KDF both are trying and @Player B get to 60 1st he wins contest over.
So currently just 3 individuals signed up... if we can get to 10 individual accounts by Tuesday at 15:00 GMT/10:00am EST i will add 2nd and 3rd prizes

Remember entering is as simple as putting your account name here and costs nothing! What have you got to lose?



Not sure what the contest is about. But I'll be doing Delta so why not sign up for the mystery contest.
You guys will love all the new content that's coming with DR. I've been on tribble servers the past few weeks.
LOl just be the 1st of the registered people to hit lvl 60 with a toon in any of our fleets and you win a FSM


I will play, hehe, maybe a freebie at the end Sick



Grats to Corbenik@Cryonicon on being the 1st registered contestant to lvl 60. Your FSM has been sent to ya!
Yay Corb!
Grats Corb! And thanks to Kenthend for running this comp Smile
Hear, hear! (or is it Here, here!)
Whichever - thanks!

nice run Party Boy!
(09-01-2015, 04:26 AM)Cybrox.enjin Wrote: [ -> ]nice run Party Boy!
So what you are saying is he left the Shard of Possibilities in his stash and called on the LEVEL me now gods? Serious business!

Hehehehe congrats! I'm now level 57.82