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Full Version: Recruitment Drive - RIsa 2015
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With Risa having brought players together for another month in one location, it's a great time to try to build our fleet - so we're hosting a recruitment drive, starting Friday June 26, through July 11, 2015Until 100 tickets are sold!.
The goal is to recruit new players to KSG and SSG.

Every new player you recruit earns YOU a ticket in the lottery for:
Tier 6 ship
Custom crafted omni beams
Master Keys
Aegis set
Fleet modules
T5u upgrade modules
And more prizes!

As with our previous lotteries, when you recruit someone, either have a fleet officer witness it or (if no one is online), send a mail message so you can get credit for it. There is a listing of the fleet lottery ticket numbers posted on the web page. You may pick a number 1-100, as available, for your lottery ticket.
You may recruit as many members as you want! (If we get more than 100 tickets assigned, we'll start a second lottery.
There's one lottery for both fleets, which will be shared for the KSG and SSG fleets.

The easiest way to recruit is to post a message in the zone chats (Risa, ESD, DS9, Romulus). There is a sample message on the website. Then CHAT with those who respond.

To incentivize new members, we've added a second lottery for the recruits! They get one ticket each for joining the fleet. Again, have an officer witness, and they'll assign the name to the lottery ticket. If a new recruit recruits another player, then they get a ticket in the recruitment lottery as well!
New member prizes include:
Tier 6 ship
Custom crafted beams
Master Keys
Fleet modules
T5u upgrade modules
Prize winners will be drawn at the Saturday, July 11 Risa party! (Winners do not need to be present at the party to win!) All prize winners have to be in the fleet at the time of the drawing!

Questions? Contact Keth (aka Mom)

This is how I found out about SSG - and joining this fleet has been nothing short of AWESOME!!!!!! I hope we can spread the word of what a fantastic fleet we are, and we can help other players enjoy the game.

BTW - Got other ideas about how to build the fleet, improve morale, etc? Post your ideas!