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Full Version: Free Upgrades
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This vid shows you how to get a free upgrade to the Jem'Hadar ground set. I want to say I have done this with the space set as well but not really sure.


11/10 best tip ever!
good add buddy
I actually had already upgraded them the "official way" - I suspect I got the boost too, but dang... I wish I had known. NICE TIP!


thanks for the tip Smile just done it on my KDF


worked on the ship parts and ground stuff too. thanks


Thanks a lot for the tip!


I recently tested this method with some other older weapons as well, like the Tractor beam mines from an old rommy quest, and the Bio-Neural Warhead, and it made both stronger as well.. though note it made both Mk XII for me so if you're in the process of leveling a toon while using these, then don't do this process, though it might just churn them out at a lower mark.. who knows! lol.