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Player Time Zones - NovaScotius - 09-07-2015


To help coordinate group sessions, I think it would help to have a list of who is in which time zone. If you want to be included in the list, just add a reply to this thread listing your account name (so mine would be @novascotius), all your characters, and what your time zone is. Once I've added you to the list, I'll delete your post, just to keep things tidy!

Eastern Standard Time (EST) - [GMT -5:00]
  • @noybman -
  • @jebenson1969 -
  • @mathies14 -
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) - [GMT +0:00]
  • @novascotius - Scotius, Sinae, Sargon, Ezri, Cato & Vespasian

RE: Player Time Zones - noybman - 09-07-2015

8PM-2AM S-S most likely options
Weekends I might be here various times 6AM-4AM Smile

I work, have a job, but yea, STO is fun.

RE: Player Time Zones - Mathies14 - 09-07-2015

EST most of the time all the time pending if iam at work thanks an happy hunting

RE: Player Time Zones - Zyriel.enjin - 09-07-2015

@Vaacko434 EST I'm unemployed, however I do go off on projects from time to time...

RE: Player Time Zones - Thad.enjin - 09-07-2015


EST here, but as I have a wife, infant daughter, and work 60+ hours a week, all my time varries, as does how active I am for a while.

RE: Player Time Zones - akoecke.enjin - 09-07-2015

between driving my girl to work and night school I pretty open on PST

RE: Player Time Zones - Kilo.enjin - 09-07-2015


GMT - Work from home so bounce between STO, work and kids most of the day but have a few golden hours in the evening between 2100 - 0100 for dedicated play.

RE: Player Time Zones - DRT.enjin - 09-07-2015

@devadid -6 GMT/UTC .. my usage varies but if I'm on I'm usually in STFs as it is.

RE: Player Time Zones - Rakal - 09-07-2015


GMT - Currently reigning world's laziest student champion, so online on and off during afternoons, evenings and into the wee hours

RE: Player Time Zones - Maxwell.enjin - 09-07-2015

PST or PDT depending on the time of year.

RE: Player Time Zones - Cybrox - 09-07-2015

How's the summer home Max, nice sunset on your private island?

RE: Player Time Zones - Maxwell.enjin - 09-07-2015

Summer home? Private Island? Umm ... What? I wish... Smile

RE: Player Time Zones - Funks.enjin - 09-07-2015

all @xofunks = GMT

RE: Player Time Zones - rexobviate.enjin - 09-07-2015

New to Site, New to STO, Est, Located in NJ, USA

RE: Player Time Zones - noybman - 09-07-2015

Welcome! I'm EST too! hope to see you around this weekend perhaps.

RE: Player Time Zones - kyafelour - 09-07-2015

Hey I am located at GMT+1 that's EST+6.
Online mostly on weekends as my time allows. @kyafelour

RE: Player Time Zones - Zayl.enjin - 09-07-2015

PST UTC/GMT -8 @Hunting657
My play time is erratic. So I cannot tell you to expect me on at any time. Just message if you want me to participate and when I am on I will check it out.

RE: Player Time Zones - Sandy.enjin - 09-07-2015

EST here in 'murica
Playtime is massively erratic.. it usually depends on my mood, and if I'm caught up in anything else or not.

RE: Player Time Zones - Kremmen - 10-16-2016

GMT here although I play very erratic hours and can regularly be found Online at stupid o'clock in the morning

RE: Player Time Zones - caton524 - 10-18-2016

EST here - Lance@dcaton for SSG - Notac@dcaton for KDF