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Fleet Armadas - Joining with externals
Hi All!

So tonight in chat *a member* mentioned that one of his ex fleet mates was interested in teaming up KDF fleets.

But i guess the wider question that needs to be clarified first is are we in favor of allying with external fleets? And if so do we wish to be parent or baby fleet pr happy with either situation?

I wont pretend to fully understand the system but i guess its a case of are the +'s > the -'s ?
I played a bit with the menus: so far the Armada system gives a chat channel for the entire Armada and a system to contribute to other fleets' holdings. I did not see a shared event calendar, or a way to access the SGA event calendar.

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Normally this would be in a officer forum, so I am glad Rak put this out to all, so all voices towards our fleet growth potential is a fleet choice.

Personally, I look at these factors: which fleet has the greater progressed assets, which has the larger amount of active members, is there a multi-factioned fleet as in KSG & SFSG. as the main components of aligning with another fleet, in any role we play.

I would recommend with any fleet that is a candidate, we send a member of our fleet with an alt to join their's and have one of there's come over to ours to ensure full honest disclosure of what is essentially and alliance.

I was reviewing what was involved in joining / leading an armada.

Given the issues with dealing with alpha fleets with multiple leaders (i.e., the issue of kicking during the probationary period), Cy's suggestion to get full disclosure before teaming up is really important - and trading a fleetie (and alts?) seems essential.

As to whether we should be alpha, beta or gamma, I think it's somewhat moot, as there are perqs for all levels - the biggest issue is as above, we need to have a firm grip on who is going to be evaluating us and what is their criteria for our passing the probationary period?

The big question is, IMHO: how does this really benefit us? Yes, we get some level of discount additional points depending on where we are in the fleet, which is going to facilitate working on our projects - but it reminds me somewhat of the issue I have with 'grinding': Why do you grind? To get better stuff! Why do you want better stuff? So I can grind more!

Last thought: if we do this, we're probably going to need to make a time commitment (at least on the part of some of the officers) to ensure that we are working toward both the armada goals and the individual goals - and I say this with all due respect, because I do love our fleet: who is going to do it? How are we going to set goals? How are we going to get the fleet to work on the goals?

Ver once commented that sometimes this becomes a 'job'; if we decide to go armada - at any level - it really is going to be that, and we're going to have to figure who is going to do it - and how.

I'm not anti-armada, I'm just trying to be practical.

That's my two cents.

My opinion: we should complete our star base and our research lab first. These are challenges big enough to handle and even five star fleet officers should have a right to play outdoors.

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(09-07-2015, 03:33 AM)Edarta Wrote: My opinion: we should complete our star base and our research lab first.
This. Assuming we're talking fed-side.

Also, not sure how I feel about having outside groups involved in our armada, unless we're gonna lock things up a bit. Our projects fill fast enough now that it's hard to catch an open one at any given time unless you sit there and camp it. I think we need to address that issue before doing any armada stuff.
I have had a number of people recruiting us as Beta to their armada, and have been approached as being an Alpha to a known smaller/weaker fleet.

Here is my POV on the idea/issues at hand:
  1. ABSOLUTELY; no fleet is created equal
  2. Members and leaders alike, come and go
  3. The Armada system provides discounts and donation avenues in potentially both directions
  4. When you marry your partner, you marry their whole family
  5. The grass isn't always greener on the other side
  6. If it isn't broken, don't fix it
  7. Cryptic is going to
    fix it
    break it
I know I made quite a few generalizations above, but let me culminate it to a point:
Our fleet design works within the bounds STO provides us. Within our own ranks, we can always strive for improvement AND our max fleet capacity is not even close to effectively reached.

Joining with other fleets of any size with the Armada system adds potential political issues, people issues, more work, and still brings with it donation issues. Their fleets will have the same issues ours has, and this opens the door for grass is greener/or not greener (not that it isn't already open).

So my takeaway is that we should really worry about our own house before we worry about others, or conforming to others. We have a great group of members, I don't want to break that. We seem to do well with getting provisions and keeping projects cooking. We can always create our own farm fleet to enable more donations if that becomes the underlying concern. The % discount is negligible.

So, unless the "other fleets" are us, I'm very wary of signing up as a beta or an alpha. Please share your candid responses.
(09-07-2015, 03:32 AM)Cybrox.enjin Wrote: Normally this would be in a officer forum, so I am glad Rak put this out to all, so all voices towards our fleet growth potential is a fleet choice.

This was in an officer forum, but I've moved it due to popular request.....
The Lootcritter Blog is a cool STO Player's Digest. Here is what I found on Armadas surfin his site.

An Armada 101

Experiences and Issues

Is it MEANT to be a pain in the ass?
The current XP/Dil bonuses are intentionally designed to be outside of ideal ranges, depending upon your Armada Rank and your Fleet Level. We had every intent for the Armada system to represent choices that would change as a Fleet evolves. We did not want it to be a stagnant system, but rather represent something that a Fleet's Leadership would have to continuously be engaged with, to make sure they're getting the "right" benefits for their Fleet.

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Damn it Ed, you're being a pain in the ass, now I have to watch two YouTubes to get the story that some who was too lazy to type could have put into pixels. Now I have to get the family to vacate the premises, put my 7.1 headset on, volume set to high, watch these two informative videos then continue to watch Star Trek videos and College Humor until I am sleepy!

J/K.... I'll watch them tonight
That youtube was scary for the intro minute, hehe. but I hear what they are saying. I just dont know what is the best action for us. Ideally, we find fleets that have the same structure and like minded people

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