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Badlands Battezone - August 19, August 20!
Join Darkthorne on Saturday, August 19 as he leads a raid on the Badlands Battlezone. Check the times in the events tab of the SSG fleet info!

Equal time for our KDFers:

Join Mom on Sunday, August 20 as she leads a raid on the Badlands Battlezone. Check the times in the events tab of the KSG fleet info!

Empty your inventories, because there will be loot drops a'plenty!

See you there!
Thanks for a amazing run today.. Real fun.. Smile..
Have a good run tomorrow..

-=There are 4 lights=-
Wow - what a blast that was! Coolest part was having so many fleeties in the missions that we needed TWO teams.

You folks ROCK!!!!!!!!
Another fab run! Not only did we need two teams, but our brethren of the SSG joined in to defeat the evil Terrans - including a monstrously fantastic 350 ships taken out in the final slaughter... I mean battle.

3 5 0
That's 1.1667 ships destroyed per second.


Take that, evil Leeta!
Wow!! You really clobbered some Terran butt.
That's some amazing numbers.. I hope great songs and tales will be told

Wish I could have been there.. Sad

-=There are 4 lights=-
I recorded the Sunday Opening Tour:

[Image: sig-001.png]

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