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Officer Training Needs
Hi all,

I find myself in a position where I need some officers training in some skills that only other captains (of different professions!) can train.

I'm looking for a Starfleet Aligned Romulan Faction Tactical Captain to train both Attack Pattern Beta III and Beam Array Fire at Will III to one of my Tactical Officers. Is anyone able to oblige?

I have Tactical / Engineering Starfleet Captains, along with Engineering Romulans (of both flavours) and a Klingon Engineer that I can offer training with as repayment!

Can anyone help me out?


I think Kilama can help! But you might need to talk him through how its done!
I only have a Sci rom, however you bring up an interesting need, would be nice to know who can train what and what faction.
Good idea for a post, I would kill for someone who can train Torp Spread III!

I can train Fed tactical officers:

Lt. Cmdr. Ground
Photon Grenade III
Sweeping Strikes III

Lt. Cmdr. Space
Beam Fire at Will III
Torpedo High Yield III

Commander Ground
Lunge III

Commander Space
Attack Pattern Beta III
Attack Pattern Omega III
Cannon Rapid Fire III
Dispersal Pattern Beta III
I didn't even know someone else could train you or your officers. Anyone have a link to someplace that explains how this works?

It's fairly easy. You just need one of the 2 people to have an open slot for an active BOFF. You can (personally) train an officer in anything that you have enough skill points dumped into. You know when you are assigning skill points (ground and ship), and the skill point toolti[ says "Captains who learn six .... gain the ability to train xxxx"? There ya go.

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