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Player Time Zones

To help coordinate group sessions, I think it would help to have a list of who is in which time zone. If you want to be included in the list, just add a reply to this thread listing your account name (so mine would be @novascotius), all your characters, and what your time zone is. Once I've added you to the list, I'll delete your post, just to keep things tidy!

Eastern Standard Time (EST) - [GMT -5:00]
  • @noybman -
  • @jebenson1969 -
  • @mathies14 -
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) - [GMT +0:00]
  • @novascotius - Scotius, Sinae, Sargon, Ezri, Cato & Vespasian
8PM-2AM S-S most likely options
Weekends I might be here various times 6AM-4AM Smile

I work, have a job, but yea, STO is fun.
EST most of the time all the time pending if iam at work thanks an happy hunting
@Vaacko434 EST I'm unemployed, however I do go off on projects from time to time...

EST here, but as I have a wife, infant daughter, and work 60+ hours a week, all my time varries, as does how active I am for a while.
between driving my girl to work and night school I pretty open on PST

GMT - Work from home so bounce between STO, work and kids most of the day but have a few golden hours in the evening between 2100 - 0100 for dedicated play.
@devadid -6 GMT/UTC .. my usage varies but if I'm on I'm usually in STFs as it is.

GMT - Currently reigning world's laziest student champion, so online on and off during afternoons, evenings and into the wee hours
PST or PDT depending on the time of year.
How's the summer home Max, nice sunset on your private island?
Summer home? Private Island? Umm ... What? I wish... Smile
all @xofunks = GMT
New to Site, New to STO, Est, Located in NJ, USA
Welcome! I'm EST too! hope to see you around this weekend perhaps.
Hey I am located at GMT+1 that's EST+6.
Online mostly on weekends as my time allows. @kyafelour
PST UTC/GMT -8 @Hunting657
My play time is erratic. So I cannot tell you to expect me on at any time. Just message if you want me to participate and when I am on I will check it out.
EST here in 'murica
Playtime is massively erratic.. it usually depends on my mood, and if I'm caught up in anything else or not.
GMT here although I play very erratic hours and can regularly be found Online at stupid o'clock in the morning
EST here - Lance@dcaton for SSG - Notac@dcaton for KDF

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