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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 11/14/19
PC Patch Notes for 11/14/19


Resolved an issue that was causing PvP matches to award negative experience points.
Resolved an issue that would sometimes prevent the game from launching.
Clicking on the Into the Breach Welcome Screen now opens the Event Window, instead of launching the TFO.


Resolved an error that was preventing players from receiving Bonus Event Dilithium if they progressed using the Voth Patrols.
Resolved an issue that caused the Shield Mastery skill to make the player immune to all Critical Hits, instead of only one per 20 seconds.
Resolved an issue that prevented the Discovery Class C Shuttlecraft hangar pets from being available after purchasing Earhart Strike Wing Escort [T6]
Updated Zen Store description for the Sech Strike wing Escort [T6] and Earhart Strike wing Escort [T6] to correctly state 5 fore weapons.
Kobayashi Maru Resupply Beacon can no longer be used in social zones.


Known Issues:

Some choice-based rewards are giving out fewer rewards than intended.


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