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STO/Cryptic:Welcome to Mudd's Market!
Welcome to Mudd's Market!

I guarantee you, sirs, madams, and those that fit in neither, these are the very finest deals you will find anywhere in the galaxy! Yes, you have lucked out to stumble on the best kept secret in all four quadrants, my own, personal, secret market. I’ve procured goods from Andoria to Zayra IV, and they’re all available for you, starting very soon. Yes, yes, the market isn’t technically open yet, but I can personally guarantee these items will blow your mind, or my name isn’t – bzzt - Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

What are these items, you say? Well well well, I’m happy to provide the answers you seek, oh discerning buyer. For the very first time Mudd’s Market is accessible, for her Grand Opening so to speak, I’ve curated a collection of curiosities that will captivate every customer. Look here – oh, please do not touch, when the sale is open we will allow inspection of these objects of course – but look here, and you can see four very special items, which I will be bundling together for one low, low price. First, the contracts for the services of two very – bzzt - capable officers, one from the Breen Confederacy who specializes in tactics, and a Reman Scientist I’m told is very, very good.

Ah yes, and look here – this looks like an ordinary cane, does it not? Observe the ornate snake carving at its head. I’m told this cane was discovered during an encounter with, and I swear I couldn’t make this up, space phantoms on Drozana Station. The man who sold it to me, who I would trust with – bzzt -  my life, told me it had secret powers. And finally, last but certainly not least – tell me, what do you know of the Bajoran religion? They tell me this piece of mysterious metal – no no, please don’t touch – is a piece of one of their sacred orbs. It allows you to see into other universes, as their most powerful religious leaders do, and maybe to take something back with you. Have you ever had a conversation…with yourself? You could!

Ahh, that growling noise – I know it sounds unpleasant. But this creature is the most docile in existence! Well, not the most docile, but certainly trainable. I’ll equip them with the best gear to take into the field with you – don’t look so shocked, ma’am, you look as if you’ve never seen a dinosaur with a laser in its mouth before!

There are many, many more items in my collection, and as you can see, my fine customers, all of these items are priceless. But that does not mean I will not put a price on them! I, Harcourt Fenton – bzzt -  Mudd, am a fair man, but I am not above exchanging your lovely, lovely money for some of these treasures. Now if you could please form a line here…



Star Trek Online is opening a new section of the Zen Store: Mudd’s Market! In this new area, you’ll be able to purchase items that have long been unobtainable in the game. Mudd’s Market is a permanent addition to the game, and all of the items listed below will be available for purchase. But Mudd follows the market, and there may be times where he has a lot of stock to unload, or he feels the demand is too low for an item. There will, without warning, be drastic sales on these items, so it’s important to check the Market every day to see if the item you’re seeking is on sale! Don’t delay, these items may not stay in the store forever. The Market will open for the first time on November 22nd at 8am PT.

The Beacon of Kahless, bundled with an Ultimate Tech Upgrade
Command Assault Cruiser – Visier Class
Crystalline Antiproton Energy Weapons, bundled with an Ultimate Tech Upgrade
Bio-Engineered Furiadon Combat Pet, bundled with an Ultimate Tech Upgrade
The Ophidian Cane, the Shard of Possibilities, and Reman and Breen Bridge Officers
Emergency Medical Hologram Holographic Bridge Officer
Original Series Enterprise Holographic Bridge Officers
Leeta Holographic Bridge Officer


We’ll see you soon in the Market, Captains.


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