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yo yo
Account Name: Levanderman

Character Names: Levanderman

Your Current Rank: lvl65

Time Zone: GTM+1

How did you get into Star Trek Online?  I needed a brake from another space mmo (Battlestar galactica online) and i read on facebok that they made STO free to play , and voila i'm here. Needles to say that i'm a trekkie since i was 7.  King

How long have you been playing for?  2012 or 2013 not shure

What would be your best piece of advice to a new STO player? Remember to have fun 

What’s your favourite career type (Engineering, Science or Tactical)? Engineering/ Tactical

What’s your favourite ship?  Woud you ask someones mother which child us her favourite? I don't think so....

What’s your best and worst STO moment?  I have no idea

What are some of your other interests? Countles..... I'm a chef so cooking ofc, spearfishing, welding, mechanic work of any kind, fishing, etc...

What’s your favourite band? I can't decide

Anything else you want to say? I'm not regular player, i play for a month, two, three and than i don't play for month, two, three.
Welcome, nice to have you here Peace

[Image: sig-001.png]

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