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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 3/12/20
PC Patch Notes for 3/12/20


Exchange UI updates:

When posting stacks of items to the exchange, the UI now indicates the price per unit as you enter the price value next to the post button.
If the sale price of an item combined with your total energy credit value would exceed your current EC cap, a warning is displayed next to the post button.

Improved performance of various HUD elements throughout the game.
Resolved an issue that was causing deflector door on the Section 31 Command Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] to not properly animate.
Resolved an issue that was causing the Section 31 Command Heavy Battlecruiser [T6] to use incorrect warp in/out animation.
Doubled the Warp Core Potential boosts on the Warp Theorist trait



Resolved an issue in the "Omega Stabilization" Daily Mission that would cause cooldowns between the Mission and the Reward to become out-of-sync with one another.
Resolved an issue on "Impossibility of Reason" that could cause some of the Klingon NPCs to spawn in as the wrong type of Klingon (wrong era, wrong faction).


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