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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 6/18/20
PC Patch Notes for 6/18/20


The T'Liss Romulan Light Warbird as seen in Star Trek: The Original Series has been completely remastered!

The new model features more accurate geometry and a new material.
If you have a version of the T'Liss Warbird, ready that ship, visit the Ship Customization Screen, and choose the "T'Liss" preset to update your T'Liss to the revamped art.

Resolved an issue that caused the Security Transport call from the Tong'duj to use Federation hailing frequencies.


Known issues:

The Legendary Light Intel Warbird [T6] cannot be claimed through the Ship Vendor

It can still be claimed through the C-Store once purchased

The “Go To Zen Store” button that appears when viewing the Legendary Light Intel Warbird [T6] in the Ship Vendor does not currently function

The C-Store can still be accessed through normal means.


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