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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 6/25/20
PC Patch Notes for 6/25/20


Resolved an issue that could cause newly-boosted Romulans to experience missing abilities, and occasionally have their skill tree invalidated.

This fix should be retroactive, but may require players in such a state to reset their skills (a free option should be available).

Resolved an issue that prevented the Legendary Light Intel Warbird [T6] from being claimed through the Ship Vendor
Resolved an issue that caused the “Go To Zen Store” button that appears when viewing the Legendary Light Intel Warbird [T6] in the Ship Vendor to not function
Resolved an issue that allowed some of the bonuses from the Assault Formation Theta starship trait to stack.
Resolved an issue on the Thrai Warbird that was incorrectly displaying the Thrai template decals.

To apply the fix, ready your Thrai Warbird, visit the Ship Customization screen and apply the Thrai template.

Changed the decal on the Remastered TOS T'Liss and Picard Bird of Prey to always appear over vanity shield FX.
When using the T'liss Hull, the material on all pieces will now match when you change it in the Ship Customization Screen.
The T'Liss Nacelle variants that do not have decals now have engine trails that match the other variants of the Legendary Light Warbird.
All items in the Personnel Tab of the Zen Store are now unlocked for the account upon purchase:

This includes all items in the following sub-categories of the Personnel Tab:

Bridge Officers

The 2 Miracle Worker Bridge Officers were already unlocked for the whole account and remain so.

Combat Companions

All items here were already unlocked for the account and remain so.


If a player had already purchased any of these items prior to this update, then they should be freely account unlocked upon logging in to this update.
A player will not have the products account unlocked if any of these items were rewarded in a separate bundle.
The items claimed through these purchases are no longer tradable to other players and are instead bound to character.
The Bridge Officer Slot product has been removed from the Bridge Officers tab.

This product remains in the Slots/Services Tab in the Zen Store.

Removed the "Cannot Discard" restriction from a few obsolete items that may still be in players' inventories.

These items can now safely be discarded.

Obsolete Power Cell
Upgraded Power Cell
Practice Schematic
Scanned Mineral
Scanned Energy
Scanned Artifact



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