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STO/Cryptic:Free Lower Decks Duty Officers!
Free Lower Decks Duty Officers!

Captain’s Log: Stardate…um…we’ll edit that in later. The crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos, um, specifically her support crew, have been thrown forward in time. Or turned into holograms. Or possibly Excalbian constructs. Any way, they’re in 2411 now, and they’ve been given the very, very, very important assignment of helping out on your ship. Use them how you like! Just, uh, maybe leave the Bat’leth and Romulan Whiskey storage locked. Like, at all times. Our med bay is already overstaffed, ok?

Seriously. Lock the doors. We’re not kidding.

Starting tomorrow, August 4th, the characters of Lower Decks are coming to your Duty Officer roster on all platforms! You’ll be able to pick up Boimler, Mariner, Tendi and Rutherford to add to your Federation crews. Each of them come with a unique, active power, and it’s even sometimes helpful. They’re completely free in the Duty Officers tab of the Zen Store.

Ensign Brad Boimler

Species: Human
Profession:  Security Officer / Tactical


Active Roster Power:

Space - Improvised Waste Disposal: Chance for basic torpedoes to leave behind a toxic hazard on hit. This is Klingon-prison stuff.

Flavor Quote:

“Hey, if I part my hair like this do I look more promotable, or less?”


Ensign Beckett Mariner

Species: Human
Profession:  Assault Squad Officer / Tactical


Active Roster Power:

Space – Blast Shield:  Chance on use of Security Team to apply secondary shields. And then remove them. Then apply them. Then remove them. Then apply them.

Flavor Quote:

“It is better down here, where the real action is.” 


Ensign Tendi

Species: Orion
Profession:  Nurse / Medical


Active Roster Power:

Ground - Way Past Triage: Chance for Heals to pump up the target with a recharge reduction to Kit Abilities.

Flavor Quote:

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”


Ensign Rutherford

Species: Cybernetically-Enhanced Human
Profession:  Systems Engineer / Engineering


Active Roster Power:

Ground - Might Get Fired For This: Your support drones have a chance to explode immediately after being created, dealing heavy kinetic damage and knockback to nearby enemies. If this happens, recharge time on that power is also reset.

Flavor Quote:


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