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Klingon Vacation Resort Needed!
It's time to raise the Klingon Strike Group to the lofty heights that the Starfleet Strike Group has achieved - to become a Tier Five Colony Fleet!

It's not something that most fleets have: it takes dedication and effort and - let's be honest - a LOT of dilithium!

And while we are Klingons, we're not above engaging in bribery, if that's what it takes.

When you donate 12k dilithium toward the KSG colony upgrade project, you will receive ONE raffle ticket. When all 100 are gone, we'll have a raffle.

The WINNER will receive a  T6 ship coupon! This means you can get any T6 ship offered through the coupons!

Contest is open to all members of the Klingon Strike Group or Order of the Batleth.

NOW before you go thinking that "I'm just a lowly newb, and I can only afford to get one ticket... I'm NEVER going to win," please talk to Darkthorne, who won a Lobi ship with only one ticket in the contest. Not only can it be done, it HAS been done.

1 ticket = 12000 Dilithium.
100 tickets available.
First come, first served.
Fleet Party will be held for drawing
NOTE: Dilithium donations must be witnessed and recorded by a Fleet Captain or higher for credit. If no officers are available, you can text or email Mom directly. Mom sees all and knows all.

Mom also knows that this fleet is FILLED with generous people who would - and do! - help out. But please don't fill the dil unless you're getting a ticket. We need other materials for the project as well, so if you want to help out there, go for it.

Select from any available slot:
# [Name] # [Name] # [Name] # [Name]
001@captainbuddjet#3018 002@brawndo_moogie 003@brawndo_moogie 004@brawndo_moogie
005@lexers624 006 007@edarta 008
009 010@lexers624 011 012@lexers624
013@edarta 014@brawndo_moogie 015@brawndo_moogie 016@brawndo_moogie
017@cherubim2 018@ivofiv 019@lexers624 020@c4lpurn14
021@c4lpurn14 022@c4lpurn14 023@edarta 024@c4lpurn14
025@c4lpurn14 026@c4lpurn14 027@c4lpurn14 028@c4lpurn14
029@c4lpurn14 030@c4lpurn14 031@c4lpurn14 032@c4lpurn14
033@c4lpurn14 034@c4lpurn14 035@c4lpurn14 036@c4lpurn14
037@c4lpurn14 038@ivofiv 039@lexers624 040
041@lexers624 042@edarta 043@lexers624 044
045 046@lexers624 047@lexers624 048
049@cherubim2 050@cherubim2 051@cherubim2 052@ivofiv
053 054@lexers624 055@edarta 056@captainbuddjet#3018
057@captainbuddjet#3018 058@captainbuddjet#3018 059@captainbuddjet#3018 060@captainbuddjet#3018
061@captainbuddjet#3018 062@captainbuddjet#3018 063@captainbuddjet#3018 064@captainbuddjet#3018
065@captainbuddjet#3018 066@lexers624 067@edarta 068@cherubim2
069@cherubim2 070 071@lexers624 072
073 074@cherubim2 075@lexers624 076
077@lexers624 078 079@cherubim2 080
081@brawndo_mom 082@brawndo_mom 083@lexers624 084@cherubim2
085@lexers624 086 087 088@edarta
089@cherubim2 090@lexers624 091 092@edarta
093@lexers624 094@cherubim2 095@lexers624] 096@edarta
097@cherubim2 098@lexers624 099@c4lpurn14 100@captainbuddjet#3018

When all tickets are sold, a drawing will be schedule within 5-7 days. When we reach Tier V, we'll have a Fleet Party to celebrate!
The coolest Admirality Duty: sell Lottery Tickets! Party

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Thanks to Ed for hosting and making it possible for us to complete at least 6 (the ones I've been in) Colony invasions.. It takes hella of alot dedication and coordination to do this..

Ed, I salute you!! Awesome work..

-=There are 4 lights=-
I just love us. Heart

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