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Upgrade the Colony and Win a Ship!

Heroes of the Empire, you have worked long and hard, defeating our enemies, strengthening our defenses, and showing the Federation lackies that they will NOT dominate the galaxy with their pathetic root beer and their insipid rom-coms!

NOW... Now your efforts and your dedication are about to be rewarded! Soon we will have a colony worthy of the Klingon Empire, with dedicated and loyal security chiefs, quartermasters, vendors of ground and space supplies, bank and mail kiosks, a decent tailor, a beachside bar, a day spa staffed by Orion masseuses and Elloran aestheticians... What? The spa is just for us? Fleet members not invited? Oh. Never mind!

But we are not there yet! We need one final sacrifice from our loyal fleetmates... What? There's three more? But this is the big one, right? I mean, that's what my speechwriter said... Okay, this is the big one and we're giving away a big prize... but there will still be two more and we'll have more ships. OK. Got it!

What was I saying...

Oh, yes.

But we are not there yet! We need one final sacrifice from our loyal fleetmates! You've given your blood, your sweat, your time, your energy... BUt now we ask for the ultimate sacrifice: your dilithium!

Yet every sacrifice merits a chance at a reward - though as loyal Klingon officers, we shouldn't have to bribe you. You're Klingons for crying out loud! You should be happy to give us your dilithium. We deserve it! All the work we've put in - your dilithium should be ours without question or protest!

Hey! Let go of me! Who do you think you are?! Put that weapon away! I'm your leader....

(sounds of disruptor fire, screams of pain and surprise - then silence - and a new voice)


I have challenged the previous Grand Chancelor of the Announcement to honorable challenge. As the victor, I now take command of this message.

The colony is almost finished. We need your dilithium to do it. We have a ship to give away.

We propose an honorable raffle.

When you donate 21,000 dilithium toward the KSG colony upgrade project, you will receive ONE raffle ticket. To give more fleet members a chance, there is a limit of 5 tickets per account! When all 100 are gone, we'll have a raffle.

The WINNER will receive their choice of any Infinity T6 ship or any Lobi ship. Once you decide on the ship, Fleet Admiral Mom will purchase it and present it to you.

Contest is open to all members of the Klingon Strike Group or Order of the Batleth.

Only one ticket can win - but that ticket can be yours.

The Raffle begins at 4 PM EST September 26, 2020.

1 ticket = 21,000 Dilithium.
100 tickets available.
First come, first served.

NOTE: Dilithium donations must be witnessed and recorded by a Fleet Captain or higher for credit. If no officers are available, you can text or email Mom directly. Mom sees all and knows all.

Mom also knows that this fleet is FILLED with generous people who would - and do! - help out. But please don't fill the dil unless you're getting a ticket. We need other materials for the project as well, so if you want to help out there, go for it.

Select from any available slot:
# [Name] # [Name] # [Name] # [Name]
001@cherubim2 002 003@duffy#1027 004@edarta
005@Darkthorne 006 007@starbase2015 008@slaughterhouse
009 010@greaterfrost 011 012@duffy#1027
013@Sovereign 014 015@DUPHY 016
017 018@Darkthorne 019@edarta 020
021@Sovereign 022 023@Raszul 024
025@starbase2015 026@greaterfrost 027 028
029@Darkthorne 030@greaterfrost 031 032@greaterfrost
033 034 035@duffy#1027 036captainbuddjet#3018
037 038 039@starbase2015 040
041@greaterfrost 042@Sovereign 043@slaughterhouse 044
045 046 047 048@Raszul
049 050 051captainbuddjet#3018 052
053 054 055@Darkthorne 056
057 058 059@edarta 060
061@cherubim2 062@slaughterhouse 063@edarta 064@duffy#1027
065 066@starbase2015 067@slaughterhouse 068captainbuddjet#3018
069@Sovereign 070 071 072
073@slaughterhouse 074 075@cherubim2 076
077@Darkthorne 078 079 080
081 082captainbuddjet#3018 083 084@edarta
085@cherubim2 086@Sovereign 087 088
089 090 091@starbase2015 092
093 094@duffy#1027 095 096captainbuddjet#3018
097 098 099@cherubim2 100

When all tickets are sold, a drawing will be schedule within 5-7 days. When we reach Tier V, we'll have a Fleet Party to celebrate!

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