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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes for 10/8/20
PC Patch Notes for 10/8/20



Made all the Second Chance Buyouts associated with the last Event Campaign available to buy until 1/2/21 
Resolved an issue which was not letting players obtain the daily Phoenix Prize Pack mission. 
Resolved an issue that was preventing Captains from being able to change Bridge Officer Specializations. 
Resolved an issue where completing the “Synth Wave” TFO would sometimes incorrectly apply the AFK penalty.  
Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the transports to get stuck during the, “Synth Wave” TFO, preventing progression.  
Resolved an issue that prevented the Salvage All Unprotected Items option from working properly.   
Resolved an issue that could cause a temporal anomaly to appear in Shangdu during the mission "Partisans." 
Corrected various typos throughout the episode, "Partisans". 
Resolved an issue that reduced the maximum in-game chat channels.  
Updated the description of the Infinity Lockbox to include the new prizes.  
Resolved an issue that was causing the Orithian Creepers to have abnormally large collision areas. 


Known Issues:


Some players are missing some of their characters, these will be returned.
Players are receiving incorrect Direct X error messages, preventing them from playing the game.


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