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STO/Cryptic:Patch Notes for 3/4/21
Patch Notes for 3/4/21


Resolved an issue that was causing crashes on the missions "Leap of Faith" and "Afterlife."



Resolved an issue that was preventing Legacy Progress contribution from rewarding Event Campaign Progress. 

Captains that did not receive their Event Campaign Progress due to this issue will have that progress awarded to them on a future date. 

Resolved an issue that was preventing fleet mail from being sent.  
Resolved an issue that was causing NPC ships using "Pulse Cannon" weaponry to deal abnormally large amounts of damage when under the effects of Cannon Scatter Volley (all ranks). 
Resolved an issue that was preventing many "Warp Out" animations to play when a space summon was despawning. 
Resolved a text error on the box "Event Campaign III Prize: Premium T6 Starship Choice" where it was failing to include Promotional starships in the list of available ships. 
The Temer-class Alliance Raider's parts will now change paint color consistently. 
At a distance the neck piece of the Narendra support cruiser is now the proper size. 
Add ability for players to turn off "friend logged on' and 'friend logged off' notifications, fly in and chat. 



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