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STO/Cryptic:PC Patch Notes 3/25/21
PC Patch Notes 3/25/21


Subspace Interception Updates: 

Removed 20sec hard lockout for saved targets.  

They may now be saved again as soon as they are not benefiting from another copy of Subspace Interception. 

Updated power description to more closely match recent changes in functionality. 
Resolved an issue where the Recharge was listed as 0.5 sec for all Ranks. 

Neutronic Eddies Updates: 

Reduced radius of each storm from 4km to 3km, to closer match the artwork. 
The "jostled" effect can now be resisted, and is no longer guaranteed on every tick of a storm.  
Removed inappropriate data that may have allowed this power to be affected by buffs, and trigger effects, that it is not intended to be affected by. 
Replaced placeholder debuff icon with correct artwork. 

Updated the Kamarag Battlecruiser parts to be useable on the Vor'cha Battlecruiser. 

If you own the T3 or T5 Kamarag, you can use Kamarag parts on the Vor'cha.  
If you own the T5/T5U Fleet Kamarag, you can use Kamarag or K'maj parts on the Vor'cha.  
A Kamarag variant must be commissioned for its parts to appear in the ship customization UI while viewing the Vor'cha. 

Added "Assessed Strategem" to the list of choices found in the "Klingon Recruitment - Choice of Elite Mark" packages 
Removed ship animations from "Eat My Dust" abilities in the Pilot Specialization, as these animations were sometimes triggering when it was not appropriate. 
Reduced the visuals associated with the Starship Trait "Battle Ready" to be less ongoing. 
Resolved an issue that was causing the 23c Ithenite Dress from displaying properly when worn.  


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