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STO/Cryptic:The Legendary Starfleet Captain's Bundle
The Legendary Starfleet Captain's Bundle

Have you had an opportunity yet to try out Star Trek Online’s newly revamped Tutorial experience for 2409 Federation characters? If not, now may be the best time to do so!

“Why now,” you might ask? Because for the first time, we will soon be offering an opportunity to jumpstart the career of just such a Cadet, thanks to the introduction of the Legendary Federation (2409) Captain Bundle. By attaining this bundle, you can now instantly raise the level of any single 2409-era Federation character on your account to Level 65!

This valuable bundle includes all of the following features:

Immediately boost one 2409-Era Federation character to Level 65!
Equipment, services, and other resources sufficient to allow this newly-boosted character to be ready to enter the high-level content of Star Trek Online
Account-Wide access to the Legendary Caelian Intel Multi-Mission Explorer [T6] – the next evolution of the beloved Vesta-class line of starships!

This immense bundle will be available on PC starting on May 26th, 2022, for the base price of 12,000 Zen. For a limited time, enjoy a special introductory offer of 50% OFF (available only from May 26th thru June 9th)!

Players on Console platforms will also be able to obtain this bundle starting on June 16th, with the same introductory 50% OFF sale lasting through June 30th, 2022.

Keep reading for complete details of what to expect from this value-packed opportunity!

Advance Immediately to Max Level!

Appearing as part of this bundle is a Max Level Boost which you can use to immediately set a character to max level. This powerful Boost is yours to use as you see fit, provided a few restrictions are met:

The character to be boosted must belong to the 2409-Era Federation faction.
The intended character must have completed (or skipped) the Tutorial.
You must have at least one character on your account that has reached Level 65.

Provided these restrictions are met, the process is as simple as claiming the Special Item unlocked by your purchase of the Bundle, and applying it to the character of your choosing. This will immediately elevate that captain to the rank of Fleet Admiral, and place an Equipment Bundle into their inventory.

This level-up process is designed to be usable for characters of any level.

Have an old Federation alt you rarely play, languishing at Level 30-ish? Give them a new lease on life, with an immediate boost to max level, and all the resources needed to hit the ground running!

Looking to check out the revamped Federation starting experience? This boost opens the door to playing the entirety of the Federation story arc, without the worry of leveling up and re-gearing between episodes. If it’s been some time since your last play through, there have been a lot of changes to what a new captain experiences out there among the stars. It’s worth taking another look!

Unlike the Jem’Hadar experience of starting the game at Level 60, players using this boost will still have the opportunity to assign their character’s skill points, specialization points, and traits, as well as equipping the provided gear, in whatever manner they like. The choices are yours to explore.

Ready for the Frontier!

After being boosted to Fleet Admiral, your newly-elevated captain will find themselves in possession of an equipment pack begging to be opened. This bundle-within-a-bundle represents an incredible value of high quality gear and other resources, ready to put you on the path to immediately enjoying what life at Max Level has to offer!

This pack contains all of the following:

1,000,000 Energy Credits
1,000,000 Expertise
250,000 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers
5x Specialization Qualifications (one for each Specialization)

Use these to immediately train the Bridge Officer(s) of your choice in the Specialization(s) you desire!

5x Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades (no Dilithium cost to apply)
36x Inventory Slots
12x Bank Slots
6x Bridge Officer Slots
2x Starship Slots
Federation Special Issue Environment Suit

Unique to this Bundle!
As seen in use on the mission “Tenebris Torquent”
This Special Issue suit was first deployed on the maiden voyages of the first Odyssey-class starship, and is slowly being adapted for use by Starfleet elsewhere.

A FULL SUITE of Very Rare (Purple) Mk XIV Ground Equipment and Space Equipment

Includes *all* basic Kit Modules for your chosen profession, and many different options for outfitting your ship and crew!
All ground weaponry uses brand new weapon visuals not currently available anywhere else in the game. These “Special Issue” Phaser weapons resemble those previously only obtainable through advanced Fleet Holdings, but with a unique twist on that look.

6x Very Rare (Purple) Celebrity Hologram Bridge Officers (2 of each Profession)

Fill your senior staff with the best that Starfleet has to offer in the year 2409, now appearing in Photonic form!

Kathryn Janeway (Science)
Julian Bashir (Science)
Harry Kim (Engineering)
Nog (Engineering)
Tom Paris (Tactical)
Tuvok (Tactical)

Each of these special officers has the following attributes:

Pre-Promoted to Commander Rank
Fully Trained in *all* basic Bridge Officer Abilities
Pre-Equipped with Purple Mk XIV Ground Equipment, including “Special Issue” Phaser Weapons.

** All items received from this bundle are Bind-to-Character-on-Pickup, and have no Energy Credit value if discarded.

Legendary Caelian Intel Multi-Mission Explorer [T6]

Let your new Fleet Admiral explore the galaxy in style in a never-before-released Legendary Starship, and unlock access to this incredible starship for all characters on your account.

The Vesta-class line of ships has already proven itself a capable and versatile vessel in many regards, which caused Starfleet Intelligence to take a keen interest in further developing and specializing some its well-known functionality for dangerous - and sometimes highly-classified - intelligence operations. The result of these developments is the updated Caelian-class, which can in many respects be seen as the pinnacle of its lineage.

Like other Legendary Starships, this vessel is meant to represent the pinnacle of an entire line of vessels. It will include – in a single starship – all of the Consoles, Starship Traits, and Costumes, from the entire line of both the Tier-5 and Tier-6 variants of the Vesta families of starships, including:

Vesta Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
Aventine Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer
Rademaker Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer
Brigid Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
Palatine Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer
Esquiline Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer


Visuals for all of the above ships are unlocked when the Legendary starship is commissioned, along with its brand new Intelligence-style customization options. All of these options may be used interchangeably with one another, to help you get the perfect look for your new flagship.

Additionally, with the recent remaster of the Vesta-class line of starships, new additional material and window options were recently added. The Caelian-class and all other ships within this family of starships are able to use these updated options.

Purchase of this Bundle will unlock the ability for all characters on your account to claim and fly this versatile science vessel.

Starship Stats and Specifications

The Legendary Caelian Intel Multi-Mission Explorer comes with the following features from previous ships within its lineage:

Console - Universal - Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver
Console - Universal - Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module
Console - Universal - Quantum Field Focus Controller
Console - Universal - Omni-Directional Tachyon Wave Siphon
Console - Universal - Isometric Dispersal Array
Console - Universal - Radiation Bombardment Matrix

Upon reaching level 5 in this starship's mastery, you will unlock the "Charged Particle Reaction," "Exotic Particle Shielding," and "Heavy Tachyon Mine" Starship Traits. These traits can be found on the previous versions of this starship.

Upon reaching level 6 in this starship's mastery, you will unlock the "Catom Reconstruction" Starship Trait for all characters on your account!


Tier: 6
Faction: Federation and Federation-Allied
Required Rank: Must complete the Tutorial
Hull Modifier: 0.95
Shield Modifier: 1.4
Fore Weapons: 4
Aft Weapons: 2
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: 1x Lt. Commander Tactical, 1x Lieutenant Engineering, 1x Ensign Science, 1x Commander Science / Intel, 1x Lt. Commander Universal / Intel
Consoles: 4 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 5 Science (scales with level)
Base Turn Rate: 12
Impulse Modifier: 0.17
Inertia: 55
+5 Weapon Power, +5 Shield Power, +10 Auxiliary Power
Console - Universal - Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver
Console - Universal - Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module
Console - Universal - Quantum Field Focus Controller
Console - Universal - Omni-Directional Tachyon Wave Siphon
Console - Universal - Isometric Dispersal Array
Console - Universal - Radiation Bombardment Matrix
Sensor Analysis
Subsystem Targeting
Secondary Deflector Slot
Can Equip Dual Cannons
Pre-Equipped with Aux Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons
Cloaking Device
1 Hangar Bay equipped with Danube Runabout Hangar Pets
Warp Signature Masking
Gather Intelligence

Expose Vulnerability: Defenses
Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems
Expose Vulnerability: Critical Systems

Starship Ability Package (Science Vessel)

Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)
Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield Hit Points)
Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)
Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)
Charged Particle Reaction, Exotic Particle Shielding, and Heavy Tachyon Mine (Starship Traits)
Catom Reconstruction (Account Unlocked Starship Trait)


Admiralty Stats:

Eng: 22
Sci: 54
Tac: 41
Special: -25% Maintenance per EngShip


Account Unlocked Starship Trait – Catom Reconstruction

While this trait is slotted, activating Hazard Emitters or any Intel Bridge Officer Ability will build up charges which will enable automated healing while your Hull is low. If you have one or more charge, one will be consumed every few seconds while below 50% Max Hull in order to immediately restore a percentage of your Max Hull.

While below 50% Hull, remove 1 charge of Catom Reconstruction to restore 10% of Maximum Hull (once per 5 sec)


Jump-start your career as a Fleet Admiral in the Federation!


Jeremy Randall
Senior Systems Designer
Star Trek Online



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