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STO/Cryptic:New Rewards for Fleets!
New Rewards for Fleets!

All fleets—incoming Transmission!


We've made several updates to fleets, and they're coming your way! If you're in a fleet, prepare for all-new high-quality rewards that you can requisition from your various fleet holdings. In addition, we've gone through and fixed several fleet bugs, to improve your overall fleet experience.


Your fleet transwarp to Bajor now actually goes to Bajor!
Members of Klingon fleets should find it much easier to get the attention of their transporter officer for beam-out now.
Fleet-specific missions now have their own section in the mission journal.
We've fixed a bug that caused certain rare-quality Romulan Embassy bridge officers to become very rare quality when commissioned—not to worry, though, if you already have one it won't change, and there are new very rare-quality Superior Romulan Operatives at the Embassy.
Every holding now has new Tier 3 rewards, including several ultra-rare duty officers, all of the type you'd expect: Romulans from the Embassy, Voth from the Spire, time-displaced officers from K-13, miners from the dilithium mine, Krenim R&D crew from the research lab, and Lukari and Kentari from the colony world. Some of these duty officers have new features or unusual active roster abilities, while others have desirable combinations of traits! And of course, higher quality in a duty officer is always a plus.
In addition, each holding at Tier 3 now has an ultra-rare admiralty ship, again themed to the holding in question. Each of these is a T6 ship card for a named version of a ship from that holding, and several have unusual special bonus powers.

We hope that these new features will give you additional benefits from your fleets, and further encourage development of those scrappy fleets who're still working on their holdings and starbases!


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